Saturday, April 10, 2010

360 Vent

The return of a site favorite. It's 360 Vent every Saturday afternoon. No one person, group or entity escapes our venting...

Now that the banks are paying us back, can we use the money to fix the toxic assets that the banks used to make the mess in the first place?

Jon and Kate, again. Put those children with foster parents where they can lead a more normal life. Those two are all about money only.

Yeah, sure; the U.S. is catching up with the "rest of the industrialized world." Have you noticed that we have been bailing them out for 50 years? Who's gonna bail us out....China?

The White House needs to take lessons on security from The Augusta National Golf Club. Nothing gets by them.

We have to say both Erin and Sandra have shown immense class in dealing with what has happened to them. Neither deserves the men they married.

Happy Days are here again! Chick-fil-A is bringing back the peach milkshake! Our lips are smackin' already!

There is not such thing as "sex addiction". They are just people with no self-control accepting no responsibility.

Will those within the Conservative movement who bragged about throwing their census form in the trash be proud if they knock Georgia out of federal funds and congressional representation?

Try, try, try to get this straight - there are no white people alive today who has ever owned a slave so quit treating them like they have.

The removal of our flag from a Paulding County, Georgia school's ROTC uniform makes us furious and disheartened. It IS the United States, and the ROTC IS a young quasi-military group. One person's being offended should be brushed off as a lunatic.

Formula for self esteem and image building: Get an education, respect others and learn how to earn a living, keep your mind clean and your body pure, take care of your off-spring and assume responsibility for your own actions.

Whites do not talk about race because they are called racist if they do talk about it. We will not all be equal until we rid ourselves of NAACP, black colleges, the United Negro College Fund and things such as the Congressional Black Caucus, Black Miss America and Black Entertainment Television. You cannot have your individual groups and then expect others to include you in everything.

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VoteNovember2008 said...

WOW, that was an awesome VENT! Ditto, ditto, ditto! VN8