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360 In-Depth Special Edition: Democrats - American Politics' Problem Child

We don't write a whole lot about politics - only the politics that threaten American life and well-being. The kind of politics that bares the passions and underpinnings of Socialism and Marxism like a fat man in a speedo.

We know many bloggers who eat and sleep politics - to them there is nothing else. But while this is partly a politcal blog (refer to our masthead), there are other things to talk about and report - in essence, others things going on in the world to consider and to think about.

Politics is important, but if all we did is talk about politics and read and hear others doing the same, frankly, we'd die of sheer boredom; we'd hang ourselves in the pecan tree in our studio's front yard. But it's exciting to them and we respect our fellow blogging Politicasters, as we call them. Many of us here have been in the news business for a long time, and we can get away with it.

Having said that, now to our little problem child.

It makes little difference what name or label you attach to them: Radical Left, Left Wing, Liberals, Progressives, Anti-Caps, or the more extreme Anti-American or Baby-Killers; they are still welded to the hips to the 'greater evil' known as Democrats or Dems, for short. And yes, they are evil - make no mistake about that. But we must be fair; like there is more than one kind of Conservative, there is also more than one kind of Democrat.

There are Democrats who share more of a Conservative view of things than a Liberal perspective. They go to church, pray, believe in God, say the pledge - they have traditional values and agendas that made the US strong in its core foundation.

Georgia's former governor and senator Zell Miller, a Southern Democrat, addressed the 2004 Republican National Convention because he saw where Democrats were headed. Joe Lieberman is another example. He left his party because he was more than aware what was happening. He was attacked and censured for standing with a colleague on an issue - a Republican. Miller and Lieberman are statesmen because they were willing to forget party lines and stand up for the greater good. The good being anything but Democrat.

Then there are those Conservatives that are also so off course, they might earn a place in Ripley's Believe it or Not.

They are prone to abortion clinic bombings, producing YouTube videos proclaiming Elton John Must Die for saying Jesus was gay. On a side note, both the YouTuber and John are incorrect. If Jesus conquered death on the cross that would mean He is still alive, so grammatically, John should have said Jesus IS gay. And the YouTuber should think about getting a life.

But that's getting off topic. We seriously doubt Christ is/was or ever has been gay or even cares what someone who sang Crocodile Rock on the Muppet Show has to say about Him.

Democrats and the little off-shoot shadows they have cast over the last, say 40 years, haven't always been the kind of people who want to shuck every American value off the political landscape.

Take into account the King of the Liberals and the poster boy of this rag-tag pack of heathens angry misfits people with issues problematic people as we know them - the late, great career-minded Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy. Tedward was vastly different from his brother John F. Kennedy. While JFK was not altogether a Conservative by any means, he was far from being a tree-hugging-tax-hiking-give-it-all-away-to-the-poor-wretched-refuse kind of guy.

Like his Conservative lawmaker counterparts of today, John F. believed anyone can accomplish the American Dream and everyone who shows a measurable amount of success shouldn't be penalize - to live free, without the government reaching for your wallet while giving you the Judas kiss and handing if off to someone sitting under above mentioned pecan tree.

These days, success is punished and failure is rewarded. Wall Street, the Obama stimulus, the bailouts and the whole warfare concoction are prime examples. Somehow, the axis of the earth just got flipped before our eyes and nobody told the Conservatives: The We The People Folks who believe in traditional values. The party of Abraham Lincoln; working hard for what you have and being able to keep it without fear it will be redistributed to those who have one hand in their pocket and the other hand out. Lincoln would be fit to be tied right about now.

Just like our work ethic, it is our traditional values like home and family and spiritual beliefs that have come under fire. No praying, saying the pledge of allegiance, rather, being open about whatever feels good and tolerate bad behavior and incompetence. The graphic "Socialist Brain of a Liberal Democrat" just about covers it.

If you are over 35 years old, you may remember if someone in your first grade class 'acted out' like this, they would be labeled a 'behavior problem.' Such is the case for the Democrats and their political off-spring: Liberals, Progressives and the like.

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Michael Savage's book, "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" is a best seller. It's also one of many books written by fellow Conservatives to illustrate this problem child. Many have echoed these sentiments brought up in Savage's book, as have we at 360 Degrees. But does that cover it?

No; it seems to only touch the surface. In understanding any disorder, a good doctor would say, "Let's try to understand the cause of this." Okay, let's do that.

Before we can begin peeling back the layers of the onion, let's try to develop some understanding of what your basic, run-of-the-mill Dem is like. Obviously, their differences as compared to a Conservative are very pronounced. Dems think that consenting adults can engage freely in every activity except capitalism; they think the answer to ANY crime, infraction, or injustice is counseling; and, of course the universal classics - they use the words "right wing extremist" at least four times in any given day and they live in constant fear that someone, somewhere, is making a profit.

Politcially and historically, Democrats believe the power of this nation should be right in the center - where the federal government lies. They believe in big fat budgets and citizens should have little skinny wallets. All light and manna come from this entity. You want some of this? Come to Daddy Government - he'll take care of all your problems - feed you, clothe you, house you and on good days he'll throw some money your way. It's always been about power and control and an assurance of votes. For a while, this didn't dawn on the Dems: they wanted slavery, they wanted segregation. Then they realized they had a gold mine by adopting a socialist agenda.

Republicans, namely Conservatives and Libertarians, think states should have the authority, or at least more so than the feds. Power should be localized. That's the basis of these United States. And it's very Constitutional, too.

President Ronald Reagan had it right in his First Inaugural Address when he said,

"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

Milton Friedman in his 1993 book "Why Government Is The Problem" categorically stated:

"The major social problems of the United States — deteriorating education, lawlessness and crime, homelessness, the collapse of family values, the crisis in medical care — have been produced by well-intended actions of government. That is easy to document. The difficult task is understanding why government is the problem. The power of special interests arising from the concentrated benefits of most government actions and their dispersed costs is only part of the answer. A more fundamental part is the difference between the self-interest of individuals when they are engaged in the private sector and the self-interest of the same individuals when they are engaged in the government sector. The result is a government system that is no longer controlled by "we, the people." Instead of Lincoln's government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," we now have a government "of the people, by the bureaucrats, for the bureaucrats," including the elected representatives who have become bureaucrats."

This is exactly what we face now - 10 fold, in fact. We have a Democratic president, a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. We are so full of Democratic government for the first time in a long while, we are now up to our ears in it, and now the country is at, whatever you'd like to call it - a crossroads, an impasse. It's a multitude of destabilizing factors that now challenge who we are as a county and where we go from here.

"We cannot expect the Americans to jump
from capitalism to Communism,

but we can assist their elected leaders in giving
Americans small doses of socialism,

until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism."
- Nikita Khrushchev

Health care is only one of many socialist agendas to be shoved down the throat of Americans, so I caution other bloggers that if health care does get whipped into oblivion, remember there are other chickens in the coup. If it does pass, the chickens are still there, too.

To illustrate this point of ramped-up progress of the Socialist agenda, we know a number of people from different countries who are retired from the news business. One is a friend from the Cech Republic. Last year he commented in an email, " You are all so close to socialism, it's scary. We never saw it coming here, but you have all the warning signs, yet you do nothing." Actually, we've gotten many emails just like that over the years.

In the days and weeks leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election, we vehemently voiced our concerns for Obama, the candidate. But apparently, even with our reach and the reach of thousands of Conservative bloggers and media personalities like Glenn Beck and Rush, our concerns fell on deaf ears. People were just too mad at George W. Bush. As a country, we voted our feelings rather than our head and conscious. Now we are paying for that - dearly - and will continue to have to fight for every inch while the Democrats lunge for a mile in the highway toward American Socialism.
In the weeks following the election, dismayed, shocked, deflated, we surmised that we would have to go underground, so to speak. We didn't know what to expect - as fighters as we are for the basic truths of being American.

So we said, he's now our President - support is warranted until we can see the wolf underneath the sheepskin. As it turned out, we, along with every other Conservative (blogger) were right all along. Obama is the point man for the Radical Progressives even if he does seem to shift from center to left to right like a Harlem Globetrotter running down the court.

We're still watching and we're still talking. Understand where this country is heading with the help of Pelosi, Reid, Obama and company. It isn't a pleasant thought, which is why we join with other fellow Conservative bloggers to contain the agenda that this administration wants to accomplish. Our country has had its Obamic CHANGE, and frankly it sucks and it's scary. The majority of this country is now waking up from the party and realizes it doesn't share the same vision of America as the people they elected. We will fight tooth and nail, but we will fight fair and we start again, now, and reaffirm our Proclaimation from November 20, 2008. Join us!

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