Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is America Ready for a Socialist In The White House?

We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. - Nikita Khrushchev

From the Free Republic:

Barak Obama... America's First Socialist President?

Ebony Magazine- January 2007
Is America ready for a socialist in the White House?

USA Today asks the "big question" about Barak Obama today... But, it's not what you would think, if you knew anything about the junior senator from Illinois.

The elite media is keeping its distance from Barak's socialist past and present.
His Far Left voting record tells part of his Far Left story and his speeches and early days in New York dot the "i" and cross the "t" in socialist!

This is what Obama had to say about capitalism adn free enterprise back in March 2006:

“The reason they don’t believe that government has a role in solving national problems is because they think government is the problem,” Obama said to approximately 1,500 people at the Kansas Democratic Party Washington Days convention.

Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, said Bush’s political philosophy consists of giving tax breaks and encouraging “everyone to go buy your own health care, your own retirement and security, your own child care, your own schools, your own private security forces, your own roads, your own levees.

“It’s called the ownership society. In our past there has been another name for it; it’s called social Darwinism. Every man or woman for him or herself,” he said.
The Opinion Journal published an article on Obama back in August 2004:

Obama, an Illinois state senator representing the South Side of Chicago, is in fact a far-left politician who -- as I'll show in a future column -- seeks to force ever more socialist and racist laws and programs on the American people...

"Alongside my own deep personal faith, I am a follower, as well, of our civic religion," he says. "I am a big believer in the separation of church and state. I am a big believer in our constitutional structure. I mean, I'm a law professor at the University of Chicago teaching constitutional law. [Actually, Obama is not a law professor, but a "senior lecturer." As Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet has pointed out, and I know from six-and-a-half years as a college adjunct lecturer, "In academia, there is a vast difference between the two titles." As Sweet also notes, however, Obama's misrepresentation of his academic position is the least of his credibility problems.]

"I am a great admirer of our founding charter and its resolve to prevent theocracies from forming and its resolve to prevent disruptive strains of fundamentalism from taking root in this country.
Newsmax is one source that reported on his connections to controversial billionaire George Soros back in 2004:

"A lot of his policies have the government taking care of people. Instead of giving people a leg up, he would rather give them a leg."

Soros initially was attracted to Obama because of his vision on education and health care, Vachon said. But Santos said if Obama got his way, the U.S. health care system would be worse than what Hillary Clinton proposed after her husband was elected president. She said voters should be wary of Obama's "any time, anywhere" stance on abortion.
But, his socialist foundation was probably shaped most during those early days at the Socialist (Marxist) conferences he attended in New York City:

Obama wrote that the wealth and stark racial divisions of Manhattan in the early 1980s had a profound effect on him...

He went to socialist conferences at Cooper Union and African cultural fairs in Brooklyn and started lecturing his relatives until they worried he'd become "one of those freaks you see on the streets around here."
So, the real question that USA Today should be asking- but won't -is not if America is ready for a "rookie" in the White House, but rather, if America is ready for a socialist in the White House! Finally, the non mainstream media power brokers are asking the hard questions and not backing down. And despite the fact that in 2005 Obama said he would not run at the end of Bush's term because he "was not ready" (his words), the mainstream driveby media convinced him otherwise after he addressed the DNC when Kerry was chosen as the Dems candidate. Beofre that, the media never paid any attention to him.



H.K.D. said...

As far as the election, as I shared with a very liberal friend of mine, it is not the Democrats I fear as much as Obama. I have read through many excerpts from Obama's books and what he says concerning Marxism and Socialism. I sat in a Barnes and Noble and read and it scared me. I have listened to him speak and what he proposes, and it should frighten even the most liberal minds.
No, I did not do this last week, but I really researched this guy when he won the nomination. I have been calling this guy a socialist for a very long time, not because it was on Fox News.
Do you also realize that over 1/2 of the voting population read at a 5th grade level or less - That is a fact. They depend on a liberal media for everything they believe. I worked for PBS and I know how bad it can get. There is also those that will vote for him out of their hate for what they call white America. That is tragic. What are your thoughts on that poor anchorwoman in Orlando, and being attacked for asking pointed questions?
I strongly believe in a multi-party system, but I also believe in a system of Checks and Balances. I also know this country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics. When I posed that to two liberal friends of mine, they simply disagreed, and that is very frightening that even our most educated do not understand our government and its foundation. I did the vast majority of my graduate work on how the Judeo-Christian ethics our country was founded on, shapes our educational system.
I have no problem whether Obama is black or blue. Read how he really beat Hillary and how he actually won his only other two elections. If you do this, and do not believe that this guy is as dishonest as the day is long and controlled by the Chicago machine, I would be very surprised. My husband has to deal with Chicago politicians all the time and if you do not believe in the Mafia and the dark side is still alive and well, it is. It is as alive and well as those skinheads and the KKK.

Donna G. New York said...

Obama makes Bill Clinton look like an altar boy. A liberal friend said do not say anything about Rev Wright, because he denounced him. OK, then read and research the depth of his relationship with this guy. You are in the media. Trace this guy's background. Do you realize he said jokingly, "Contrary to public opinion, I was not born in a manger". I do not find that funny, but very scary. I am OK, but I am very concerned about a society he will leave in place for my children.
My very intelligent liberal friend went on about the persecution of the Pilgrims, the poor native American Indians that were slaughtered and how blacks need a break because of their persecution two hundred years ago. My father had "zero" money and no education. His family were German immigrants. All immigrants have suffered, but with hard work, they rise above. I simply do not believe in a welfare state. I used to teach at Gary Job Corps and will never forget when I had conversations with these young men, they would say, give me one good reason I should work when I can make more money on welfare. I did not say this, they did. It is disheartening.
All I ask of my liberal friends, who are very educated, is to read and research on your own about this guy. No one wants to do that, because they are angry with George Bush. So much of what has happened is not George Bush's fault as much as the policies put in place by a Democratic controlled Congress. That is not an opinion, it is fact. I am not saying all Democrats are bad, but do some research and study about our economic history, causes of the war on why we are in the state our country is currently in.

HarleyHog79 said...

I had someone actually tell me, so what is so wrong with Socialism? My answer was, socialism has failed historically in every country that has embraced it. We are also not a socialist state. I actually know two doctors that live in Sweden and they are penalized for their hard work. They said they paid about 70% in taxes to support socialism. Read the facts on what Obama's tax plan is. It should make anyone shutter, because it is socialism.

We do need more middle of the roaders. Those politicians that are out for everyone, no matter what side they are on. I do like John McCain and liked him in 2000. I do like Sarah Palin and have researched her as well. She is a very smart woman who also has no problem crossing party lines. Look at the record. Is she prepared to be president? Was Clinton prepared? That argument does not hold water. Any analyst will tell you the most prepared to be presidents are governors, but no one is really ever prepared. Biden and Obama have voted as the most liberal and 3rd most liberal Senators. These guys are not on your side or my side. Biden - Read and research this guy. Did you know a couple of years ago he said on the Daily Show, that he would be proud to run not just against John McCain but with him as well? He went on to explain his respect for him and how he was never fearful to cross party lines. He joined up with Obama because he cannot ruin his political career. Read what he said about Obama before he joined up with him.
What we do not need right now is someone on the radical left. I honestly was not a Hillary fan, but thought if she was our first woman president, she might have been great, and I thought would cross party lines. I did not fear her being elected. I did not fear Gore or Kerry. Lastly, if you think Hillary Clinton is supporting Obama, think again. It has nothing to do with her losing the nomination as much as she knows all the dirt and truth about this guy.

I am not trying to change the way you vote. This is a mess for you as well. You will not vote for McCain because he is a Republican, so what you have left is a radical, socialist who thinks he is the second coming or some kind of Black John Kennedy. I know that is not what you want either. I have never in my life feared the outcome of an election, but I do now.

I love this country knowing I can sit across from my liberal friends and be friends, and that makes our country great. We can agree to disagree. Obama wants to change the fabric of our nation.

Lucy H. Dallas, TX said...

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The Obama Coins which recently caused quite a stir due to the inscription "President of the United States" are now on sale to the public. The firm behind the coins has also responded to some of the controversy.

This is an outrageously, repulsive idea. I also feel it necessary to warn this company that this idea is a total waste of time, which will consequently ruin both the people who buy them and and ruin the company financially and reputably. In a nut shell, I believe this coin belongs in the Smithsonian Institution right next to the Chicago paper that said 'Dewey Defeats Truman'....

Obama will never become President of the United States because 'we' the true American 'Christian' people believe Obama to be both a Muslim and the Antichrist. For those naive Islamic sympathizers who disbelieve the election of Obama is a horror foretold; please see Revelation 13.

ameripopconservative_99 said...

Ronald Reagan is my gold standard of presidents. I use the same standard to measure the candidates when I vote in each election, and vote for the one I think will most resemble Reagan. In this election, the one I think who is closest to Reagan is the Democrat (Barack Obama), not the Republican (John McCain).

McCain is an admitted divorced philanderer, whereas Obama is presumably a happily married man with no evidence to suggest even the slightest deviation from monogamy. Obama's choice of pastors may not be the best, but at least it proves that he was a regular churchgoer. Better yet, a Christian by choice, not one simply by birth who might only pay lip-service to the faith. As for McCain, I have yet to hear him utter the name of God once in this campaign - unheard of for a Republican.

Obama is positive and stays on message, and captivates a crowd like we haven't seen since the Gipper, with an eloquence we haven't seen since JFK.

Besides, conservatives should be happier with Obama than with McCain, because the latter will inspire a conservative watchdog group that at one wrong turn, will rally and generate a Gingrich-like conservative revolution in the midterm elections if 2010. McCain, on the other hand, a virtual Democrat in Republican clothing, will cause conservatives to fall asleep at the wheel through his Republican lite Nutra-sweetened administration.

libertygirl_va said...

Obama is running a textbook campaign --that's textbook German Marxist (you know the guy who sat in the London library & wrote Das Kapital while his wife & 6(?) kiddies collected whatever welfare was available), which became Russian communism. Remember these are the guys the Germans sent in secret trains across Europe to de-stabilize Russia in WWI --- oh I forget -- those of you under 30 don't know KRAP about history but you do know what is PC because we adults (whether we have children or not) have been paying for your LEFTIST education. Unlike previous presidential campaigns Obama is running, instead of one, 230 (2,300 I don't remember which, so many sites ago--but I'm sure you bright kiddies, who, according to TV ads ["my 3-yr old knows more than I do"] can find those sites) headquarters around the country. Exactly as taught by CPUSA mentors in Chicago and where Obama taught such classes a la CPUSA [for the youngsters that's Communist Party USA]. Voter registration is part of it. In one debate they talked about "service to the country." McCain suggested that the armed forces was of service to the country. Mr Obama talked about other kinds of service. In Chicago Mr Obama sat with others and disbursed $150,000,000 of taxpayer money to various organizations -- "in service to the country."Ms Obama became head of an organization Mr Obama used to run. 18-30 yr olds are paid salaries, room, board and learn to ORGANIZE. They are exhorted, per Ms Obama, not to take jobs or to learn a trade or master a skill to provide products or service of use to other people [that perverts one's purity in service] but to ORGANIZE people to vote and to demand their "rights." It's classic. We now have in place after 50 years of LEFTIST educational efforts a whole generation who can't do anything, who don't know anything but who are encouraged by their teachers to go to the streets and demand "their rights." The Republicans went down when they tried to emulate the Left by joining in the something-for-nothing program, that is BUYING votes. This whole monetary problem has been generated by CONGRESS BUYING VOTES. Which is exactly what the whole mortgage crisis is about.

Obama wants to enslave us with universal health care. Check it out. Spend 10 or 15 hours down to level 17 and check out the universal health care that Europeans have. One of the most amazing facts to discover is that the most quoted statistic is live birth rates. Most European health providers count weight or length to determine if it's alive. In the US we count everything BREATHING. Therefore our stats are poor. WE HAVE THE BEST SURVIVAL RATE. WE HAVE THE BEST HEALTH CARE SYSTEM ON EARTH. DOWN WITH THE LIARS.

Bhoy, Nebraska said...

The current plan is an attempt to maintain the status quo, that is everybody who has a lot of money now will have a lot of money when it's over. Warren Buffet et al. don't give a s**t about "poor" or middle class people, they care about their power. If their solution continues, this is going to be 10-15 years [Japan] {for you 20 yr olds that's your most productive years -- ALL GONE -- YOUR FUTURES ARE ALL GONE} in a morass of political, economical indecision, vision, and indecision. AND IF OUR GOVERNMENT IS SUPPLANTED WITH A COMMUNIST MENTALITY, IT WILL BE THE REST OF YOUR LIVES. Get a grip folks our elected officials don't know what they are talking about.Check out the reps when they question the gurus at the hearings where it's quite evdient they don't even know what their questions mean--much less the answers. Their only concern is getting elected and the life-time goodies that go with.
Will there be rioting in the streets? Damn right. But it's not going to be the really poor--the really poor know how to be poor. We in the middle know how to do things, we know how to survive. The riots will be organized politicos demanding their rights, led by trained goons in "service" camps that taxpayers funded.
Last weekend at an Outlaws race I sang the Star Spangled Banner. Others joined. We may not be allowed to sing it much longer. It was pre-empted by speakers at a recent Obama rally. At another Obama rally they parked the porta potties on the policemens memorial.
I am a right wing libertarian. I want the kind of REVOLUTION THAT THEY TALKED ABOUT -- INSTEAD OF KILLING THE #$%^&*)) .... uhhh ..incumbents [I'm a LIBERTARIAN we sign a pledge to not promote violence for political ends]-- VOTE THEM OUT. The writers of OUR Constitution didn't expect it to last 200 yrs (for you under 30's, I'll inform you: our founding fathers were all quite familiar with Roman and Greek history and their question was [see plaque under Washington at Mt Rushmore: "This is an experiment."']): Why did every republic end up as an empire. But of course you under 30s didn't study any of that because that was too "Western," or "conservative" or whatever. Not PC. However, IT IS THE BEST RECORD WE HAVE OF POLITICAL HISTORY. They had political history in other parts of the world BUT IT IS LOST (except for China which was never a history of democracy). It's not a matter of what is PC or not, IT IS THE MOST COMPLETE HISTORY of democracy extant.

A civilization is falling says TOYNBEE (which of course is no longer on the required reading list for the computer generation -- who, of course, are so much smarter than those of us with classical educations) when the UPPER CLASSES START EMULATING THE LOWER CLASSES IN SPEECH, DRESS AND MANNERISMS.

If Obama thinks "Joe the Plumber" should share his money with the guy who stands behind him then why isn't Obama sharing his money with McCain? That's "fair."

I want to vote everybody out. I want a REAL revolution of citizens to run the country. No lobbyists, no pork, no special interest, no riders on bills, no b** s**t. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.