Monday, March 17, 2008

Reading mail

I get
alot of mail. There's the usual mail I get from the USPS (snail mail) - magazines, journals, books, bills, offers, etc. I get no junk mail since I am on a junk mail list made law by the U.S. Supreme court known as "Prohibitory orders against sender" which was originally designed to keep pornographic or other offense material from being sent to you in the mail. Now it encompasses anything and everything you may find offensive, including junk mail. The Post Office doesn't like it when you shown up with one of these since they derive a majority of their earnings from delivering crap to you door. They will snort and huff, but the law is the law, even if you have to get a government agency to follow it. You can download a copy from the USPS website, or ask me for a copy in MS Word and I'll email you one. I also get alot of electronic mail - email (rabbit mail) - documents, greetings, comments, etc. So far, I get no junk because I don't sign up for stuff using my email, unless I know for sure I won't get magically signed up for crap; or I know that my addy won't get sold to a vender in India who tries to sell me purple sarongs at 50% off. So I come to posting some of the emails I get - don't worry, privacy is respected and vehemently protected. I thought they were interesting....


Hey Walt!
I came across your blog and I like what you have to say. It is so eclectic! Keep it up!

Thanks Jen!


You are such a ******* *** (expletive deleted) because you are trying to push your religion on people. Yer (his spelling, not mine) a typical rightwing Christian who always sits in judgement of people!!! Im willing to bet you suck as a scientist too and now it keeps me awake at night knowing you have something to do with nuclear power.


Anuj writes:
Hi Walter, I just came across your blog "360 Degrees" and liked it very much. I thought i should let you know about my new blog "Slideshows for your website and Blogs" link : My blog basically consists of slideshows which fall in 12 different categories. If you like any of the slideshows, you are welcome to embed it in your own blog.

No prob Anuj! Thanks for letting me know!

Hen Dog writes:
Hey dude! I like the movie stuff you put on you blog. Do you ever comment on war pictures? I try to keep track of all of them so if you know any good ones, let me know.

Sup Hen? I know of many that will capture the true spirit of war for you.
* Flags of Our Fathers
* Stalag 13
* Jarhead
* Hellcats of the Navy
* The Bridge Over the River Kwai
* Battle Cry
* The Longest Day
* Battle of Britain
* Band of Brothers
* We Were Soldiers
* Black Hawk Down

Bree writes:
Hey there! I just wanted to write and tell you I really like your new blog site. You sure do talk about alot of stuff sometimes, I can't keep up since you put so much stuff on there. But great job Wally! Luv ya!

Thanks Sister. And stop calling me Wally or I'll tell Dad!

JohnC writes:
I admire the fact that you seem like a very smart guy and a Christian, too and you're not afraid to say what is on your mind. We have too many scared or diverted people it seems who are unwilling to stand by true principals these days.

Thanks JohnC, but I can take no credit, since greater is He who is in me.

Hailey writes:
Hi Walter, as a nuke physicist, do you think the world will end as a result of nuclear war?

No Hailey. I think it will end how and when God chooses. I'm fine with both and worry about neither.

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