Monday, January 1, 2007

Article Comment and Reader Mail Requirements

360 Degrees welcomes comments via email and through our blog. We also accept submissions and stories ideas/news tips.

For any submission, be it through the blog or through email:

It must accompany a name and valid email (which will never be made public). Doing so makes your comment/submission legitimate and credible. Not including this information will automatically reject your comment/submission. If your comment is posted or included in our quarterly post - known as Reader Mail - your first name and the last letter of your last name along with your city and or state will be sufficient. We also accept "user names." Examples:

  • Susie Queball would become Susie Q.
  • A user name might be something like Attila_the_Hun33.
As in the case of any published material, your comment for posting must be relevant. If not, it will be rejected. Additionally, we reserve the right to edit your comment.

We do not accept anonymous submissions. Period. If you cannot stand behind your comment/submission or follow any of these simple, standard requirements, then do not waste your time.

We appreciate your comments, and thank you for reading!

360 Degrees