Saturday, April 3, 2010

UPDATE & RECAP: Feds Arrest 'Jihad Jamie'

There are reports suggesting that Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, an American woman from Colorado is held by the Irish authorities. 31-year-old Ramirez is believed to be an ally to Colleen LaRose a.k.a. Jihad Jane and she was reportedly arrested along with 7 others during the week in Ireland.

Since the arrest of Jihad Jane the 46-year-old member of terror front Al-Qaida, it was revealed that she had been using the Internet to provoke and hire various people for the cause of her terrorist group. The arrest of seven people on Tuesday in Ireland was part of efforts to dismiss a terror act involving the death plot of Lars Vilks the Swedish cartoonist.

Lars had ever since been on the hit list of many Muslim terrorist groups when an extremely humiliating and disgraceful cartoon sketch was released featuring the Holy Prophet Muhammad, in 2007. A $100,000 reward was announced in Iraq by the Al-Qaeda group for the assassination of Lars following the hurting act.

According to the claims of a reliable media source an official from the U.S. revealed on Saturday that Jamie Paulin is from Colorado and she reportedly left her city abruptly along with her son of six years of age in September last year. The official further detailed that Jamie later married an Algerian in Ireland and that she was among the seven arrested on Tuesday.

According to the Irish authorities the group of seven comprised of 3 persons from Algeria whereas one each belonged to Libya, Palestine, Croatia and the United States and that they all were Muslims. This reflects that either Jamie has already converted to Islam or inspired by Jihad Jane’s motivational online preaching; she too was helping the Muslims’ cause.

FBI; AP; Reuters; UPI.

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