Monday, April 19, 2010

Prom-Goers Watch Repo Man Take Their Limo

High school students attending a prom in Oklahoma say they watched as a repo man drove away a limousine they had rented - at least one initially thought it was being stolen.

Landon Wiland said he and friends had rented the car from Galaxy Limos for Friday's prom in Jenks, a suburb of Tulsa. Wiland said they had gotten out of the car when it was driven away - while their driver was standing next to them. His reaction: "Our limo is getting carjacked."

Galaxy Limo owner Jim Nicolotti said there was a miscommunication between his lender and the repossession company. He said he and his bank had worked out their issues, but the bank did not tell the repo company to cancel the job.

Nicolotti plans to offer a partial refund or a free future rental to the customers affected.


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