Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Priest Calls For Pope To Resign

A Massachusetts priest has called for the pope to resign, WCVB-TV in Boston reported.

It is not the first time the Rev. James Scahill has criticized the pope or the church hierarchy. But this time, he minced no words and left nothing to anyone's imagination.

"The pope should step down if he's not prepared to embrace the truth relative to this matter," said Scahill. "I would think he is not being truthful."

In his eight years at St. Michael's Church, Scahill has withheld money from the Diocese until Richard Lavigne was defrocked, and he has accused church leaders of ineptitude.

"By placing these weak men in further temptation, they're frankly were as culpable of the victimization as the victimizer," he said.

Some say Scahill has been disobedient.

"The church will not have myopic obedience from me like the myopic obedience of the soldiers of Hitler," he said. "There is nothing more pro-life than the better protection of children from exploitation of any kind from anyone, and yet this church has remained patently silent about this."

His sermon on Sunday was neither surprising nor out of character.

"They couldn't help but rise to their feet and applaud him for his bravery," Sister Betty Broughan said.

"We had 1,700 families. We're up to 2,300 in just eight years, when other churches are closing," said Patti Baran, of St. Michael's.

"Of course I'm afraid. My stomach has been jumping off and on for eight years. Of course I'm afraid. But when a person comes to the point of not being afraid to die, how can you then possibly fear what anyone or any institution will do to you?" Scahill said.

Springfield Bishop McDonnell released a statement saying there was "sad irony that Father Scahill's remarks were delivered on Divine Mercy Sunday -- a day reaffirming forgiveness."

He also compared Scahill to Doubting Thomas in the Gospel.

WCVB-TV, Boston; Boston Globe.

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