Friday, April 23, 2010

Bacterial mat the size of Greece found on Pacific floor

The vast tangled mat of white "hair" has an area of 128,000 square kilometers.
— New Scientist

Our B&B is haunted.. but it was the reality show guests that were the most scary

Scottish couple claim their 18th century home has 43 ghosts.

Archaeologists unearth 6th century Ikea-style temple

The building had detailed assembly instructions likened to an Ikea do-it-yourself furniture pack.
— The Telegraph

The Ultimate Earth Day Icon: Sasquatch

Loren Coleman pitches Bigfoot as symbolic protectors of the environment.
— Cryptomundo

Mysterious Sheep-Pig Creature's True Identity Revealed

A series of photographs depicting a strange-looking sheep-pig creature have been circulating around the Web recently.
— LiveScience

Cryptids with Claws: Monsters of the American South

Micah Hanks shares his first person narrative regarding the South Carolina Lizardman.
— Mysterious Universe

Heaven: A fool's paradise

Heaven isn't a wonderful place filled with light – it is a pernicious construct with a short and bloody history, opines Johann Hari.
— The Independent

Implant Proof and the Failure of Science

The implant that was removed from "John Smith" last year was not made of materials that are available on earth, writes Whitley Strieber.
— Unknown Country

Turkmen president wants to close "Hell's Gate"

A gaping crater dubbed "Hell's Gate" has been spewing flames and smoldering in a remote part of Turkmenistan.
— World Around Us

Upward Physical Movement Brings Back Happy Memories

Physical movement and memory are closely intertwined.
— Wired

Mysterious New Object Discovered in Space

Object may be the brightest and long-lasting "micro-quasar" seen thus far.

Investigating the Paranormal

Robert Goerman writes about a Crystal Skull and the Bermuda Triangle.
— FATE Magazine

DARPA Takes a Crack at the Flying Car

Transformer TX, a flying Humvee-like prototype could be airborne by 2015.
— Gizmodo

Schrödinger's cash: Minting quantum money

To physicists, quantum cash is a sort of test case with which to study the strange properties of quantum mechanics.
— New Scientist

Mysterious Volcano Lightning Creates Pretty Pictures

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland has been churning out volcanic ash that's electrified with lightning.
— LiveScience

Migraine attack gives English woman a Chinese accent

Doctors say she has Foreign Accent Syndrome, a condition which damages the part of the brain that controls speech.
— Daily Mail

Dog-Sized Dinosaur Had Thick, Head-Butting Skull

Dinosaur may have roamed what is now Big Bend, Texas, some 70 million to 80 million years ago.
— LiveScience

Charles the cat makes 1,300-mile journey

A tabby made his way from his home in New Mexico to Chicago.
— The Telegraph

3D printer could build moon bases

A huge three-dimensional printer called D-Shape can print entire buildings out of sand and an inorganic binder.

An Alcoholic’s Savior: God, Belladonna or Both?

A New York hospital once treated addiction with a potion.
— NY Times

Major Revisions to Psychiatric Definitions Stir Debate

Fifth edition of American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual could have wide reaching implications.
— LiveScience

Meteor Fragment From Wisconsin Fireball Discovered by Farmer

Small piece of the fireball source found on Wisconsin farm.

UFO picks up Laconia, NH car with teens and drops 180 feet away

New England MUFON investigating a remarkable and baffling UFO event.

Near Death Experience Skeptics Running Out of Excuses

As evidence accumulates for NDEs, scientists scramble for alternative explanations.
— Skeptiko

A brain-recording device that melts into place

Implant that wraps itself onto the brain could prove helpful to prevent epileptic seizures and strokes.

Grounding of planes across Europe 'could lead to rise in temperatures'

Clouds formed by the water vapor in jet plane exhaust have a small but significant effect on daily temperatures, according to scientists.
— Mail Online

Apes found suffering self-doubt

Once more, a subtle mental trait though to be uniquely human has been found in great apes.
— New Scientist

Coming to Australia: Stonehenge Mark II

One of Western Australia's most prized beaches will become home to the world's first full-size stone replica of Stonehenge.

Video: EVP Field Processor unveiled and demonstrated

The American Paranormal Research Association has unveiled a new audio device that will take Electronic Voice Phenonema "to the next level."

Brain 'splits to multi-task'

An inability to deal with more than two things at a time may be "hard-wired" into our brain, research suggests.
— BBC News

First Oxygen-Free Animals Found

Deep in the Mediterranean, scientists have discovered the first complex animals known to live without oxygen.
— National Geographic News

Mysterious radio waves emitted from nearby galaxy

An unknown object in a nearby galaxy is emitting radio waves unlike anything seen before, and it's baffling astronomers.
— New Scientist

Time Traveler Caught in Museum Photo?

Kentaro Mori examines the 70-year-old photo which shows a crowd and one unusually dressed individual.
— forgetomori

Titanic 'did not send distress signal for 45 minutes', book claims

No distress signal was sent from the Titanic for three quarters of an hour after it struck ice, a new book claimed.
— The Telegraph

Paradise Recycled

Architects dream of turning Great Pacific Garbage Patch into habitable island.
— Fast Company

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