Saturday, April 24, 2010

360 Vent

Will Larry King have his wife's lover on his show? He has all the other showbiz bottom feeders on.

Where was all the media attention when the church in Boston transferred pedophile priests to other churches? Oh, that's right - we were the only ones who covered that.

It's ironic when people are always shopping "green" and recycling to help the environment and then they use tons of fuel and pollute the air when they fly to Europe.

Every time the world makes something idiot proof, someone just invents a better idiot!

Those poor carriage horses in Atlanta look pitiful. Some of them look half starved.

It's so sad that the quickest way to become a celebrity these days is to be a tramp.

Is Angelina Jolie doing all this humanitarian work to make up for the self admitted acts of animal torture & killing when she was a teenager?

The "entitlement" crowd will fight the Fair Tax to the death as they will do anything to avoid paying their "fair share" of taxes to live in this great country.

Anyone notice all the disappointed looks on the faces of the Freaknik crowds on the news? What a lovely site.

The drug dealer who was shot and killed because he was "providing" for his 4 children is a testimony to how low some people are on the social scale.

Obama should quit smoking before preaching to us about health care reform.

Get a clue, Progressive deadheads, it's not the amount of federal tax we pay, it's the way Congress spends it.

Don't listen to what the "Networks of NBC" tell you. They aren't 'green', they don't have journalistic integrity and their parent company of GE owes a debt of thanks to the Obama Administration for all the regular and extra special money received.

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