Saturday, April 17, 2010

360 Vent

This Week Was Tax Day! We so pleased to send our hard earned money to Washington so they can dole it out to the people too sorry to work.

The media with all their glory keep stories about celebrities alive for their purpose (money).

Having a three year old girl walking on a tightrope twenty-six feet above six hungry Siberian tigers in China is taking their one child policy a little bit too far.

If you watch Fox News, you might gain some insight as to what our government is hiding from you - unless of course you don't think you can handle it.

The officials of the Catholic Church need a reality check. These are crimes we are talking about; behaviors for which people are sent to prison.

Jessie "Let-me-stick-my nose-in this" Jackson said getting Marta back in Clayton County, Georgia is a matter of life or death. Wrong! Walking the streets of Atlanta is a matter of life or death!

If we forgive Tiger, will he go away?

If you really are somebody special, your picture will be on someone's refrigerator.

We don't understand what all the fuss is about Freaknik. It happens every day in Atlanta.

Ignorance knows no bounds as evidenced by those who deny the moon voyage.

We always enjoy being connected to a customer service representative in India whose name is "Dave".

With the national debt at $13 trillion and rising we should all learn to speak Chinese.

Recently, we had to break out the snow shovel to find our driveway under all the pollen.

Has anyone else noticed that the obituary section in the newspaper is bigger than the classifieds?

When did it become okay for us to rely on the government to be our baby sitter and clean up the messes we make for ourselves? Responsibility and accountability are words that have been forgotten.

So students in Decatur, Georgia learned how to do a provocative dance in class. Well, at least they finally learned SOMETHING.

We read that ordinary people fantasize about celebrities; so do celebrities fantasize about ordinary people?

If the elderly started wearing their pants below their butts, the fad would probably fizzle out pretty quick.

We have all the answers. We just can't figure out which question to match them up with.

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