Thursday, April 1, 2010

360 News Briefs

Moscow ready to bury Metro dead
Moscow will hold funerals for most of those who died in Monday's Metro attacks, claimed by Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov.

India launches 'biometric' census
India begins a census in which every person over the age of 15 will be fingerprinted to create a biometric national database.

Confession over Mexico attack
A man held over a recent fatal attack on US consular staff in Mexico confesses to participating in the murders, officials say.

Peru's Machu Picchu set to reopen
Peru's greatest archaeological site, Machu Picchu, will reopen, two months after landslides cut its rail link.

Blackberry profits increase 37%
Research In Motion, the maker of Blackberry mobile phones, reports a 37% rise in quarterly profit thanks to higher sales.

EMI ends talks to sell US rights
EMI abandons talks to license out the rights to its records in the US and Canada, a deal it hoped would raise vitally needed funds.

ICC to investigate Kenya violence
The International Criminal Court allows its prosecutor to investigate alleged crimes against humanity after Kenya's 2007 poll.

Weather halts Korea ship search
South Korean search teams suspend efforts to reach possible survivors on a sunken ship, because of poor conditions.

China arrests over dumped babies
Two hospital workers are arrested and several suspended after 21 dead babies are found on a river bank in northern China.

Mumbai attacks trial concludes
The trial of the man alleged to be the sole surviving gunman in the 2008 Mumbai attacks concludes, with a verdict expected in May.

The 'Blueprint' of songbird genome
Scientists create a "blueprint" of a songbird genome, revealing evolutionary clues about vocal communication.

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