Thursday, March 11, 2010

ZooAtlanta Sending Lions To Mexico

Three of Zoo Atlanta's African lions are moving to a new home at a Mexican adventure park.

Brothers Christos, Mikalos and Athanaisi, all 21-months-old, will leave Atlanta on Thursday morning to travel to Africam Safari, a park in Puebla, Mexico, boasting more than 2,500 animals and safari-style tours.

Atlanta Peach Movers will drive the brothers, who each weigh more than 300 pounds, to Chicago. From Chicago they'll board a cargo flight to Mexico City.

The trio was part of the first litter of African lions born at the zoo in more than a decade.

African lions are not endangered but are considered a vulnerable species. Experts estimate the world's population of African lions has been reduced by nearly half in the last two decades from environmental changes and hunting. Officials estimate there are now between 23,000 and 47,000 African lions living in the wild.

Zoo Atlanta

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