Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Texas Textbook Battle: You're Invited

Right now, the fate of the social studies books your kids could be studying for the next decade is in the hands of just 15 people.They're school board members in Texas. The curriculum standards they set and are deciding on now - are often used by textbook publishers to make books for schools across the country. These books could end up in your childs backpack in just a few years.

There have been a lot of media reports about what is actually in those standards. In addition to the media reports, you can also go straight to the source material to see what you think. It's all online at the Texas Board of Education website. Check it out here:

You will find the standards and the changes that have been made, by both the review committee and the board members. You can also watch Wednesdays board meeting live online:

Dont like what you see? The Texas Education Agency is encouraging people to send board members their thoughts. You can email any one of the fifteen board members at: or you can call and leave a message at 512-463-9007

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