Friday, March 12, 2010

Obama Delays Asia Trip To Deal With Health Care - Not That It Really Matters

President Obama is postponing his long-scheduled Asian trip for a few days to make a final push for passage of historic legislation reinventing the health care system. 

Obama's decision, revealed Friday morning by senior administration official, came amid assertions by leading Hill Democrats that they're resolving disputes over the measure that has been through a host of rewrites. At the same time, these Democrats said decisions remain on how to subsidize health insurance coverage. And they confirmed they're still hunting for sufficient votes to get it through. 

However, the Democrats are living in dreamland if they think passing health care is good politics, writes Kim Strassel. The bill isn't going to become any more popular than it is now with independent voters if it becomes law, and passing it is hardly going to energize a Democratic base that wanted a public option and views the current legislation as a cop-out, Strassel writes in the Wall Street Journal. 

Some Democrats argue that passing the bill will "prove they can lead," but passing a bill that most voters hate isn't a great example of good governance, Strassel writes. Any way you look at it, the politics behind the bill are bad—so bad "that it lends credence to the belief that some in the White House and Congress are far more ideologically interested in establishing European-style health care than they are the public's will or their party's electoral success," she concludes. 

We agree - The bill from the get-go is bad politics for a nation of people who deserve better than another socialistic scam.  And the Dems are living up to their reputation of being socialist scam artists clothed as do-gooders.

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