Thursday, March 18, 2010

Notes From All Over

CBO: Dems' Health Care Bill Cuts Deficit

Congressional budget scorekeepers say President Obama's health care bill would reduce the federal deficit by $138 billion over 10 years.

The Congressional Budget Office said Thursday the $940-billion legislation would provide coverage to 32 million people now uninsured by 2016, bring the total number of insured to about 95 percent of eligible Americans.

The budget office said the measure would continue to reduce the federal deficit in its second decade, although such projections are uncertain. Key to the long term savings are changes that appear designed to attract support from fiscal conservatives. They include accelerating the impact of a tax on high cost insurance, and slowing the growth of subsidies to make insurance premiums more affordable.

Police: Man Put Son, 4, For Sale On Craigslist

Spokane County sheriff's detectives are trying to find a man who allegedly offered to sell his son on Craigslist for $5,000, KXLY-TV reported. Investigators believe the ad is not a hoax and have gotten a search warrant to find the person who posted the ad in February.

In the posting, the father identified himself as a single parent named Rick who ran out of child care options. His posting started out by saying that "Gavin is a great kid but I can no longer afford to take care of him."

Rick said his 4-year-old "loves playing with balls but doesn't really like to play with cars and refuses to eat vegetables." Rick also wrote that "he doesn't fuss very much but when he does he just screams for hours. I usually just put him in the closet until he stops and that usually works."

Detectives were alerted to the posting by a Spokane Valley woman, who copied the ad and sent it to the sheriff's office. Detectives said the ad was only up for a short time on Craigslist.

Missing Mom's Body Found In Motel Bed Frame

The body of a missing Memphis woman was found Wednesday inside a motel's metal bed frame, nearly two months after the mother of five disappeared, Memphis station WMC-TV reported. Five guests have since stayed in the room at the Budget Lodge during that time. They had no idea that 28-year-old Sony Millbrook's body was under the box spring and mattress.

Millbrook had been staying at the motel, but managers locked up the room because she hadn't paid, authorities said.

Police have questioned the father of four of her children and arrested him on an unrelated charge. Memphis police said there was a history of domestic violence, but the man is only considered a person of interest.

"He had recently gotten out of jail and was staying with her at the Budget Lodge," Memphis police Maj. Joe Scott said.

Millbrook's family reported her missing when she didn't show up to pick up her children from school in January. Her cousin, Jennifer Pickett, said it was unbearable to imagine her cousin lying under a bed for months.

"In a million years, I would never have guessed I'd be sitting here talking about this," Pickett said. "It was a cloud hanging over everybody's life."

Canadian Woman Declared Dead - Twice

Theresa Fraser has slowed down a bit, but the 77-year-old Canadian woman still drives, volunteers in her community and knits for her grandchildren. Not bad for someone who's been told she died - twice.

Fraser, who lives in a Nova Scotia town called Garden of Eden, found out she died the first time after going to Glasgow to do some Christmas shopping. She went to her bank to get some money from her pension check, which was automatically deposited.

"She said I didn't have enough for what I wanted," Fraser said. "I said didn't my checks come in, she said no your checks didn't come in."

So the banker helped her call the government to find out why.

"And no, no she's deceased and she said she's right here with me so I went on the phone and I said I'm bright-eyed and bushy tailed and I drove in, I drove 30 miles in so it was really a shock to find out I died," Fraser said.

Apparently, another woman in the same county with the same name and middle initial had recently died. Fraser was told the problem had been corrected, but then last week she received a letter.

"It came to the estate of the late Theresa Fraser, my address and Social Security number and everything so I died again," she said, laughing.

This time, Canada Revenue wanted her to return the check they had sent to her in January. So it was back to the phone to prove yet again she was still alive. Fraser fears the ordeal isn't over yet.

"I might be dead by the time it's over, if they keep bugging me," she said.

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