Friday, March 19, 2010

Killer Bees Attack 4 People In Phoenix

A swarm of killer bees attacked at least four people in north Phoenix on Thursday night, leaving two women who were stung more than 100 times each in critical condition, firefighters told Phoenix TV station KPHO.

"The women were screaming and they were they couldn't even flail their arms or anything. They just were frozen," said Tony Garcia, one of the neighbors who tried to help.

Witnesses said another man in the area rushed over to help. He, too, got attacked, but managed to get a fire extinguisher and gave it to Garcia.

"They looked like that guy in the Guinness Book of World Records. They were just covered head to toe -- no skin exposed, their faces weren't exposed, their clothes weren't exposed, the bees were in their hair -- they were just completely covered," Garcia said.

Garcia said he started to spray the women with the fire extinguisher until the bees started stinging him.

Firefighters managed to get the women away from the bees, then sprayed the hive with foam, killing the bees.

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