Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RECAP: From Rallies On Health Care To Rallies On Immigration - It's What's Next

As we reported to you on Monday, tens of thousands of immigrants, aliens and activists rallied in Washington on Sunday, calling for legislation this year to give legal status to millions of illegal aliens and seeking to pressure President Obama to keep working on the contentious issue now that the health care debate is behind him.

We should note, as should you, that there are also differing opinions as to what to call individuals wanting legal status from the government. Progressives, Liberals and other politically correct ideologies prefer to call them illegal immigrants, while Conservatives and Libertarians refer to them as illegal aliens.

An immigrant has passed through the country with the full knowledge of authorities and has properly requested citizenship, asylum, etc. So to refer to someone as an illegal immigrant is an oxymoron and makes little sense - it's contradictory. An illegal alien is someone in this country ILLEGALLY and without the proper documentation, knowledge or consent of the government.

The main problem with immigration reform is that it needs no reform
; just for the states and the federal government to ENFORCE the immigration laws currently on the books - as the issue lies with illegal aliens, not immigrants. "Reform" has become a rallying cry for the Liberal Left to force change on traditional values, a legislative way to skirt the law, and most notably, common sense. It is a buzzword for Socialism in its most underhanded form.

This is still the melting pot of the world - just as long as they come here LEGALLY. Secondly (and just as important) media outlets, the American people, Congress and the President need to understand these terms marked in bold print.

Regardless, this will be the new battleground as Progressives, Liberals and Conservatives alike ready their troops. Lop-sided news blog wannabe's Christina Hartman explains the issues as best as she can.

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