Monday, March 8, 2010

Deadly Quakes Are Coincidence, Scientists Say

Experts say there is nothing unusual about the latest spate of earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and now Turkey, but their devastating effects illustrate how increased construction up and down the world's fault lines can translate into massive casualties.

And seismologists say that although one powerful quake can conceivably make others slightly more likely elsewhere, the string of quakes is probably just coincidence.

Bob Holdsworth, an expert in tectonics at Durham University, said Monday that "I can definitely tell you that the world is not coming to an end."

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Recent earthquakes

Time Magnitude

5 hours ago 5.7
Salta, Argentina Map
13 hours ago 6.0
Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands Map
2 days ago 4.5
Offshore Northern California Map

Durham University; USGS