Saturday, March 6, 2010

China looks to master its control over the weather

China plans to step up its use of the weather modification techniques.
— National Post

Dead pigs used to investigate 'dead zones'

There is a recent and rather macabre addition to the marine biologist's toolkit.
— BBC News

DARPA Brings Our Comic Book Fantasies to Life

Human Assisted Neural Devices, Programmable Matter, and other plans.

Knowing the mind of God: Seven theories of everything

The "theory of everything" is one of the most cherished dreams of science.
— New Scientist

Murder most fowl

Three hens and cockerel peck fox to death after it breaks into coop.
— Daily Mail

Strange Earth-Lights Preceded Chilean Earthquake?

A Chilean reporter described seeing the sky change colors as her house shook.
— Gralien Report

Brody brings his paranormal comedy to Duluth

Many comedians have risen to prominence by relying on certain subjects, but Mike Brody really stands out in the theme department.
— Duluth News Tribune

Postcards from the Edge

Joe Capp reports from the UFO Congress in Laughlin, NV.
— UFO Media Matters

A measure for the multiverse

The multiverse has developed rapidly from being a speculative idea to a theory verging on respectability.
— New Scientist

Broody hen adopts puppies

A hen has astonished its owners on a Shropshire farm - by taking a litter of puppies under its wing.
— Ananova

Nail from Christ's crucifixion found?

The nail was found at a remote fort believed to have once been a stronghold of the Knights Templar.
— The Telegraph

Tons of Water Ice Found on the Moon's North Pole

More than 40 craters ranging from 1 to 9 miles wide were found harboring the water ice.

Etched ostrich eggs illustrate human sophistication

Fragments found in South Africa are among the earliest examples of the use of symbolism by modern humans.
— BBC News

Chile Earthquake: Is Mother Nature Out of Control?

Scientist says that relative to a time period in the past, the Earth has been more active over the past 15 years.
— LiveScience

Were the 1997 Arizona Lights a psychological warfare experiment?

Randall Fitzgerald shares details of his investigation.

Captured 'ghosts' for sale online

Vials are said to contain the spirits of ghosts exorcised from a house in New Zealand.
— Ananova

Bright Lights that Hypnotize: Mysterious Aerial Illuminations

Micah Hanks writes about the Brown Mountain Lights.
— Mysterious Universe

How optical illusion triggered plane panic

Environmental factors contributed to the illusion that a plane crashed.

Snake Caught Attacking Dinosaur-- First Fossil Proof

Hunter and hunted were frozen in time at key moment.
— National Geographic News

Biblical fragments reunited after centuries

Pieces of 1,300-year-old manuscript displayed together for first time.
— Associated Press

Boy develops fish scales at 14 months old

Boy born without pores in his skin has baffled medics.
— The Telegraph

8-Limbed Boy Needs Surgery to Remove Parasitic Twin

Deepak Paswaan was born with the arms, legs and buttocks of a parasitic twin protruding from his chest.
— FOX News

Top 10 spooky sleep disorders

Exploding head syndrome and night terrors are just two of the ailments profiled.

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