Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boy With 31 Fingers, Toes Has Extra Digits Removed

A 6-year-old boy from China was born with 5 extra fingers and 6 extra toes.
— FOX News

In Search of Alien Glyphs (or are they microwave blasters?)

Jacques Vallee writes about his theory of what is behind crop circles.
— Boing Boing

Killer icicles terrorize Russians

Falling icicles and ice blocks have killed five people and injured 147 in St. Petersburg.
— The Telegraph

UFO buzzes Sydney - and here's 'proof'

Woman snaps silent disc zipping though sky.

Possible new human ancestor found in Siberia

Genetic material pulled from a finger bone shows a new and unknown type of pre-human.
— Reuters

Mars as you've never seen it before

Colossal ice walls that show another side of the Red Planet.
— Daily Mail

Mysterious Stone Spheres in Costa Rica Investigated

300 balls are known to exist, with the largest weighing 16 tons.
— Science Daily

Moon's Water Comes in Three Flavors, Scientists Say

Scientists have been redefining their concept of the moon, since the discovery of trace amounts of water.

An exorcist explains his work

Over the past four years, Rev. Gary Thomas has participated in five actual exorcisms.
— San Mateo County Times

Savannah, Georgia: City of the Dead

Imagine if you will, a city where the discussions of ghosts, hauntings and or the dead, are a daily part of community life.
— Haunted America Tours

Neptune may have eaten a planet and stolen its moon

Neptune may have polished off a super-Earth that once roamed the outer solar system.
— New Scientist

Virgin Galactic spaceship makes first test flight

A suborbital spaceship was airlifted into the skies over California's Mojave Desert.
— Reuters

Tales of the Ouija

Six stories of the mysterious and mystical talking board.

New Proof Unknown "Structures" Tug at Our Universe

Mysterious "dark flow" extends deeper than previously seen.
— National Geographic News

Dinosaurs' dominance 'helped by mass volcanism'

Immense volcanic activity helped the dinosaurs rise to prominence some 200 million years ago.
— BBC News

Iceland volcano eruption triggers fears for glacier

The volcano had been dormant for almost 200 years.
— The Telegraph

Study: Daylight saving time a waste of energy

Daylight saving time is supposed to reduce energy use, but data gathered from a state in the US suggests it actually does the opposite.

Abraham Lincoln Reborn As A Vampire Slayer

Novelist Seth Grahame-Smith portrays the President's battles with the undead.

'Hobbit' island's deeper history

Long before a 'hobbit' species of human lived on Indonesia's Flores island, other human-like creatures colonized the area.
— BBC News

Cult steals a daughter's love, a grandson's life

Baltimore woman recounts 2-year struggle against cult.
— Baltimore Sun

Unexplained 'boom' generates calls to 911 center

Concerned citizens report hearing a loud boom and feeling possible tremors to the Maysville, KY Emergency 911 Dispatch Center.
— The Ledger Independent

Large Hadron Collider smashes energy record again

On Friday morning, the machine created two beams of protons, each with an energy of 3.5 trillion electron volts.
— BBC News

Google puts the SAS's secret base on Street View

Military chiefs blasted Google after its Street View service included detailed pictures of the headquarters of British SAS.
— Daily Mail

Huge V-Shaped UFO Emitted Beam At Vandenberg AFB

Retired USAF Security officer describes 1969 incident.
— Earthfiles

Florida Vampire to Run For President

Man claiming to be descendant of Vlad the Impaler says he's running on the GOP ticket in 2012.
— CBS News

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