Wednesday, March 17, 2010

90s Music Video Flashback - Wednesday Country, USA

Trisha Yearwood - She's In Love With The Boy

"She's in Love with the Boy" is the 1991 debut single of American country music artist Trisha Yearwood. "She's in Love with the Boy" reached number one on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and was the first of five number ones on the country chart for Yearwood.

The song was originally written in the 1970's by Jon Ims and offered to superstar Kenny Rogers who (even though he liked the song) turned it down, saying he didn't feel comfortable singing it as it didn't match his style (or as Rogers later put it himself in an interview with British country music magazine Country Music International, "I didn't feel comfortable singing about chickens pecking the ground").

The song was picked up by Yearwood for her 1991 debut album. It is a story song and tells the tale of a teenage couple in love, named as Katie and Tommy (Tommy was played by Jason Parr).However, the father objects to his daughter's choice of fiancé ("Her Daddy says he ain't worth a lick, when it comes to brains he got the short end of the stick"). The song concludes with Katie's father confronting them when Tommy brings Katie home from a date after midnight; however, Katie's mother comes to her daughter's defense:

Mama breaks in, says "Don't lose your temper, it wasn't very long ago"
"When you yourself was just a hayseed plowboy, who didn't have a row to hoe."
"My daddy said you wasn't worth a lick, when it came to brains you got the short end of the stick"
"But he was wrong, and honey, you are too, Katie looks at Tommy like I still look at you."

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