Monday, March 8, 2010

360 News & Comment: Hustler Magazine Wants Photos Of Murdered Hiker

There's a piece we found in the Atlanta-Journal-Constitution this morning that made us want to spit out our morning coffee during our usual predawn meeting. We found it so distasteful, there was actually some thought of not even discussing it - for in discussing low lifes, they appreciate the attention, and in giving them attention, you give them credence. Instead of writing just a story around the paper's article, we quickly formed an opinion.

We're sure others will be more harsh, but this is our comment.

Hustler magazine has requested, through Georgia's Open Records Act, copies of documents related to the January 2008 murder and decapitation of hiker Meredith Emerson.

Historically, we are aware of several things regarding Hustler Magazine:

  • They are, of course, hardcore pornography;
  • They have little or no respect for women;
  • They certainly have no journalistic integrity;
  • They use and abuse the rights of free speech, freedom of information and open records.
  • They have no comprehension of the fact that with every freedom, comes responsibility.

Hustler's request is just another attempt by publication crazies to get free material for their sick little rag of a magazine. Even worse, it's material that Meredith Emerson, apparently had to die for. This is worse than distasteful - it's pathetic and incomprehensible what fourth rate publications will do to attract readership or cater to the depraved and sick-minded.

Hustler completely lives up to its name as utter filth.

We believe in freedom of the press and media. The liberty of the Fourth Estate is what separates us as a country from dictatorships and totalitarian governments. The Freedom of Information Act and state's Open Record Laws are the binding force of a free and informed citizenry. But the abuse of these freedoms and privileges is about as bad as not having them at all. Hustler's intent is not to inform, and God knows what entertainment anyone would get from such images. Clearly, their intentions are less than honorable. But then again, what do you expect from a publication with no scruples, morals or depth of character?

Thankfully, Georgia House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) is urging the GBI to deny the magazine's request for crime scene photographs.

Ralston said this morning that he has asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to deny Hustler copies of the photographs that show the 24-year-old Emerson's nude and dismembered body.

We vehemently agree and support such a denial of a twisted request.

Let Hustler look elsewhere for its deplorable content. Stay away from Georgia, stay away from Meredith. Just plain stay away. If only we still tarred and feathered or ran individuals out of town on a rail like we use to here in the South. We think we have an excellent candidate.

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God bless you Meredith, RIP! VN8