Saturday, March 27, 2010

360 News Briefs

US and Russia cut nuclear arsenals
The US and Russian presidents agree a landmark nuclear arms reduction treaty, cutting warheads by about 30%.

'Blast' sinks S Korea navy ship
About 40 sailors are believed missing after a South Korean navy ship sinks after an explosion, officials say.

Israeli tanks 'advance into Gaza'
Israeli tanks are reported to have advanced into Gaza following clashes with Palestinians in which two Israeli soldiers died.

Vatican attacks media over abuse
The Vatican attacks the media over charges that Benedict XVI did not do enough about a US priest accused of abuse.

Euro strengthens on Greece deal
The euro strengthens against the dollar and the pound after Eurozone leaders agree a financial aid package for Greece.

US economic growth revised down
US economic growth was revised down to an annualized rate of 5.6% for the fourth quarter of 2009.

US credit card hacker sentenced
A US court sentences computer expert Albert Gonzalez to 20 years in prison for stealing credit card numbers.

Marcos bids for Philippine seat
Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos launches her congressional campaign, as the local election race begins.

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