Thursday, March 25, 2010

360 News Briefs

Fresh bid to solve US-Israeli spat
US and Israel hold last-minute talks in Washington to try to resolve a disagreement over construction in Jerusalem.

Chavez extends Easter holiday
President Hugo Chavez adds three days to Venezuela's Easter holiday in an effort to deal with a growing energy crisis.

Portugal rating down-graded
The Euro weakens after Portugal's credit rating is downgraded by leading credit rating agency Fitch.

DNA identifies new ancient human
Scientists identify a previously unknown type of ancient human by analyzing DNA from a finger bone unearthed in a Siberian cave.

Frenchman 'hacked Obama Twitter'
A Frenchman who police say hacked the Twitter accounts of US President Barack Obama and celebrities could face jail.

'Pirate' shot as attack repelled
A suspected pirate is shot dead as private guards repel an attack off Somalia, in what may have been the first such incident.

US and Pakistan vow better ties
The US and Pakistan say they want to improve relations after years of mistrust as they hold talks in Washington.

Bomb kills six in Colombian port
A car bomb explodes in the center of the Colombian port city of Buenaventura, killing at least six people, officials say.

Ethiopia 'silencing its critics'
Ethiopian government of Meles Zenawi is silencing opposition and the media before May's election, Human Rights Watch says.

Malaysia accused of migrant abuse
Amnesty International says migrant workers in Malaysia are exploited by both employers and police.

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