Wednesday, March 24, 2010

360 News Briefs

Netanyahu meets Obama
Israeli PM Netanyahu and US President Obama hold their first talks since a disagreement over building in East Jerusalem.

UN to look at climate meat link
UN farm experts will look at links between meat-eating and greenhouse emissions amid claims they have been exaggerated.

US to step up Mexico drugs effort
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledges a broader effort to help Mexico fight the deadly trade by drugs gangs.

Bolivian army adopts Cuban slogan
The Bolivian army adopts Cuba's revolutionary motto "fatherland or death", angering some conservative ex-generals.

Daimler charged in bribery probe
The US accuses German car giant Daimler of bribing 22 governments in order to win contracts worth tens of millions of dollars.

Two held over 1978 US disappearances
Two men are arrested in the US state of New Jersey over the mysterious disappearance of five teenagers in 1978.

Romero's legacy
El Salvador marks archbishop's murder 30 years ago.

Pay cuts for US bailed-out bosses
White House pay tsar tells bosses at five bailed-out firms to take a 15% drop in pay after calling AIG's recent bonuses 'outrageous'.

China slams Google censorship move
China attacks Google's decision to stop censoring search results as its long-running fight with the US internet giant escalates.

Firefox releases security patch
Web browser maker Mozilla has brought forward the launch of version 3.6.2 of Firefox after security issues discovered.

'God particle' hunt set to start
The organization that operates the Large Hadron Collider has set a date for the start of its science program.

X-rays 'can miss many fractures'
X-rays fail to spot up to nearly a third of fractures in the bones of the hip and pelvis, research suggests.

First refugee-citizen for S Korea
South Korea gives an Ethiopian refugee citizenship - the first such move in its history, says the UN's refugee agency.

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