Tuesday, March 23, 2010

360 News Briefs

Clinton warns Israel on tough choices
The US secretary of state calls on Israel to make "difficult" choices, amid a conflict over new homes in East Jerusalem.

Google stops censoring in China
Google says it has stopped censoring its search results in China, risking confrontation with the country's authorities.

Former US presidents visit Haiti
Former US Presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton visit earthquake-stricken Haiti to help raise funds for reconstruction.

Sarkozy reshuffle after poll loss
Conservative French President Nicolas Sarkozy reshuffles his cabinet after a heavy defeat in regional elections.

US thieves jailed after TV boast
US couple who boasted on a TV show about shoplifting toys receive jail terms.

Germany warns against Firefox use
The German government has warned against the use of the Firefox web browser, echoing a prior warning against Explorer.

Angola police jailed for killings
Seven Angola police officers are sentenced to 24 years in jail each for killing eight people - reportedly the first such conviction.

India Stands Firm in Coca-Cola claim
Soft drink giant Coca-Cola is asked to pay $47m in compensation for alleged environmental damage at a plant it ran in southern India.

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