Monday, March 15, 2010

360 News Briefs

US furious at Mexico Consular Deaths
Three people connected to the US consulate in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez have been killed, the White House says.

Irish Catholic Leader in 'Cover-up'
The Catholic primate of all-Ireland has rejected calls to resign over claims he helped cover up sex abuse investigation in the 1970s.

Obama Aide Fans the Flames US-Israel Differences
A top Obama adviser criticizes Israel over settlement homes in East Jerusalem, thwarting Israeli hopes of ending the disagreement.

Brazil Leader Gegins Mid-East Tour
Brazil's president arrives in Israel at the start of a Middle East tour in which he will try to throw his country's weight behind the peace process.

UN Boss Reassures Haiti Victims
Ban Ki-moon tells Haiti the world will continue to support them as they recover from the devastating earthquake.

Sarkozy Party Facing Poll Defeat
French President Sarkozy's party faces defeat from the Socialists in regional elections, which also saw a strong National Front showing.

HSBC Admits Huge Swiss Data Theft
About 24,000 clients of HSBC's private banking operation in Switzerland had personal details stolen.

Apollo Men Decry Obama Moon Plans
Nasa Moon astronauts say President Obama's decision to cancel the US lunar program is "catastrophic".

French Hostages 'freed in Darfur'
French hostages seized in the Central African Republic in November have been freed, the French foreign minister says.

Bloodshed Stains Acapulco Resort
Thirteen people die, four of whom are beheaded, in drug-related violence at the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco.

Afghan Attack 'was warning to US'
Bomb attacks on the Afghan city of Kandahar were a warning to US and Nato forces not to target the region, the Taliban say.

Thai Protest Sets Poll Deadline
Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters march in Bangkok to press the government to call new elections.

Panic in Georgia as Bogus TV Report says Russians have Invaded
Panic is sparked in Georgia after a bogus TV news report said Russian tanks had invaded and the president was dead.

Avalanche Hits Snowmobile Rally
An avalanche hits an unauthorized snowmobile rally in Canada, killing at least two people.

Drug Ring 'link' in Haim's Death
Actor Corey Haim's death is being linked to a major drug ring which is illegally obtaining prescription drugs, US police say.

Red River Rising Faster Than Expected
North Dakota and Minnesota residents who fought off record flooding a year ago in a frantic one-week sandbagging effort were jolted Sunday by the prospect of doing it over again.

Marine Corporal Killed In Wrong-Way Crash
A Marine Corporal is dead and two other people are injured following a crash caused by a wrong-way driver Saturday, at about 5 p.m. on Interstate 20 westbound between Six Flags Drive and Riverside Parkway in Cobb County.

Ebenezer Pastor Takes AIDS Test During Church
The senior pastor of historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Reverend Raphael Warnock, took an HIV/AIDS test as part of the worship service Sunday, saying silence, shame and stigma are keeping people from being tested, and the faith community needs to work to change that.

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