Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tea Party Group Challenges MSNBC Host

Keith Olbermann, NBC/MSNBC's poster boy for the Liberal Left Wing media's lost cause was once a sportscaster. Now he's playing a losing round with a Tea Party group.

After comments suggesting Tea Party rallies are racially divided, a Texas Tea Party group is challenging MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann to attend their one year anniversary celebration.

On his show "Countdown" last week, Olbermann asked, "How many black faces do you see at these events? "

"Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists of nothing but people who look exactly like you," he continued.

The Dallas Tea Party fired back Monday, releasing a video response saying, "Well, Keith, we see a whole lot more at our events than we see at MSNBC."

The group goes on to invite Olbermann to their special anniversary rally Feb. 27.

"Something tells me you've never been to a tea party," the video continued. "We think you need to get out of your bubble."

"If you don't show, have you no shame, sir?" the video ends.

Olbermann has not responded to the invite.

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