Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Funnies: Stuff Happens

Granted, we could have used the less formal, yet vulgar vernacular of stuff (that'd be of the four-letter-word variety), but this is pretty much a G-rated blog (if not sometimes PG-rated). Regardless, the following images are really no different from the kind of pictures that have been around the web for years - the kind that make you look twice and wonder "how'd the heck did that happen?" You might even notice a photobomb or two. Maybe, it's more like Saturday Morning Weirdness... Nevertheless, someone was there on the scene with a camera (it never fails).

We won't bother narrating this by putting our usual facetious comments, but we can tell you that we believe that there were no serious/life threatening injuries sustained (unlike, "America's Funniest Home Videos" where it looks like someone really must have gotten hurt) - especially the dog with the frisbee - he missed it, but the bush caught him; the small child with the polar bear had a thick plexi-glass window to separate them (thank God!).

And if you think of some really good one-liners for the pictures, please leave a comment or email us at We'll either publish your comments or include them in our upcoming reader mail. Images courtesy of

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