Tuesday, February 2, 2010


U.S. News & World Report has been running a poll (as most online people do to keep readers interested, bloggers do it, too). We thought we'd post post the latest numbers as of early Tuesday morning. We weren't surprised.

Obama's polling numbers in many categories have been dropping like a lead zeppelin. Granted, polls can be unscientific, and somewhat contradictory of other polls. Some pollers have a tendency to cook the numbers. We believe these numbers can be trusted these since they are in line with other polls that have asked the same question. As you can see, 68.14% (the overwhelming majority thus far) state Obama hasn't met expectations, but then again their expectations were very low anyway. Well, sure. Despite all his charisma and talks of change and hope and cow-towing to the Liberals and so-called Progressives, bowing to unions and other out-dated special interests groups, he's still an inexperienced leader. And he gives all indications to being just another politician. But you already knew this, right?

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