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Men Of Faith: Tebow, McCoy and Bradford

Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, and Sam Bradford have all had stellar careers in college, and now they are taking their game to the NFL. These three men are men of faith, and great role models to look up to. Now, the journey that these three men have embarked on, and what they have to look for in the future.

Tim Tebow, one Heisman trophy, two national championships, and has broken 41 NCAA, Florida, and SEC records combined. Tebow has had quite the career. Tebow went out this year as a senior as he led the Gators to a crushing of Cincinnati, 51-24. Tebow had 482 passing yards, three passing touchdowns, 51 rushing yards, and one rushing touchdown in the game.

Tebow went out with a bang!

He may be receiving criticism for his throwing motion, and questions of whether he can play quarterback in college. We should just let the this kid play, because has proven himself in college. Be sure to know that Tim Tebow is a competitor and leader, and will do anything to compete.

Tebow too, is not only known for his football, though.

He is believer in Jesus Christ, and thanks Jesus Christ for giving him the opportunity for him to play football. Tebow has gone on missionary trips, and has done a Super Bowl Commercial supporting pro-life. He is creating controversy for this commercial because of its content. We should instead be praising Tebow for his courageous faith in Jesus Christ. Tim Tebow is living a transforming faith in Jesus Christ. He speaks out for what he believes in, and lives it out. We should praise him for his beliefs in Jesus Christ, and for his football skills.

Tebow is the ultimate role model, and a hard working young man.

Colt McCoy also has had a decorated career in college, and now takes his game to the NFL. McCoy may have never won a Heisman, but he certainly had a great college career.

He led his team to the National Championship this year, and has delivered his best each year he has been in college. As McCoy takes his game to the NFL, scouts have questions about the young player. He has injury questions and size questions facing him. One thing to remember is that Colt McCoy is a competitor, leader, and will do anything to lead his team to victory.

He got injured in the 2010 National Championship this year, and said he would loved to go back in the game, but his shoulder hurt too much.

Colt McCoy is also a strong believer in Jesus Christ too. Colt McCoy tells Sharing the Victory magazine, that he was put on the national platform to glorify Jesus Christ. He realizes God has given him the opportunities he has to play football, and he wants to be a light for Jesus Christ on and off the field.

McCoy is a humble guy, and is living a transformed life in Jesus Christ.

Sam Bradford had quite the sophomore season at Oklahoma. He won the Heisman, led the Sooners to the National Championship game, and had quite the statistical numbers.

However, his junior season did not turn out the way he wanted it to. He injured his shoulder and was out for most of the year. He had surgery after the Texas game, and shortly after that, declared for the 2010 NFL Draft.

He does have questions surrounding his draft stock. He had durability issues. Once again, remember that Sam Bradford is a competitor and leader. Bradford is also a Christian.

At the Heisman last season, he said he reads the story of David and Goliath before every game. Before every game, its important for Bradford to know that God is with him all the time. The biggest things he has learned in his walk with God, is the power of patience and perseverance and knowing that everything God does is for a reason, he said in an interview with Sharing the Victory magazine.

Sam Bradford is living a transforming faith through how shares his faith with others, and through his FCA group at Oklahoma.

All three of these men are great football players, and we're sure they will be at the next level. It will just take time.

From the BleacherReport

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