Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Magazine Names World's Most Amazing Views

If you want a room with a view on your next vacation or just want to see the sights, Travel + Leisure magazine has a few suggestions for you.

The magazine recently named its 10 picks for the world's most amazing views, including three choices in the United States: San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon and the Manhattan skyline in New York City.

"The world's most iconic vistas are part of the travel canon for good reason," the magazine said in choosing its top sights. "They induce wanderlust. They get us thinking about the four corners of the earth as well as humankind's minor place in the scheme of things. And when we see them in person, we are startled and humbled by their physical magnificence."

Besides the U.S. locations, the list also includes these seven international views:

The Matterhorn, Switzerland Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Paris skyline Great Wall of China Machu Picchu, Peru Great Barrier Reef, Australia The Tiger's Nest (or Paro Taktsang Monastery), Bhuta.

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