Thursday, January 28, 2010

Destination Phobos: humanity's next giant leap

The largest of Mars's two moons is poised to become our next outpost in space.
— New Scientist

N.L. residents puzzled by 'oversized bullets' in sky

Newfoundland residents are wondering if soaring objects were missiles.
— National Post

'Poltergeist' Actress Zelda Rubinstein Dies at 76

The 4-foot-3-inch actress was best known as the psychic in 1982 horror film.
— Associated Press

Venus Flytrap for Nuclear Waste

New material shows promise for clean-up.
— Science Daily

New Theory of Primate Origins Sparks Controversy

Evolution of humans & other primates may have been driven by volcanic eruptions and the parting of continents.
— LiveScience

Many children 'hear voices'; most aren't bothered

Nearly 1 in 10 seven- to eight-year-olds hears voices that aren't really there, according to a new study.
— Reuters

Historic Area-51 UFO photo comes to light

Norio Hayakawa shares details about 1990 photo.
— All News Web

Faster than the speed of sound: the man who falls to earth

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner plans to skydive from the edge of space.
— The Independent

Pluto's Little Sister Found?

When it comes to objects in the Kuiper Belt, the vast, icy ring that encircles our solar system, size matters.
— Discovery News

It's About Time: A Ouija Board Just For Her

Hasbro has introduced a "just for girls" Ouija board.
— Geekologie

The face of first contact: What aliens look like

A blend of astronomy and earthly biology offers some clues to what is out there.
— New Scientist

Pensioner astonished by 'double banana'

One skin contained two bananas.
— The Telegraph

Humans Caused Demise of Australia's Megafauna, Evidence Shows

Humans and megafauna only co-existed for a relatively short time after people inhabited Australia.
— Science Daily

Experts stunned by swan 'divorce'

It is only the second time in more than 40 years that a "separation" has been recorded at wildfowl sanctuary.
— BBC News

Beware of the Devil Dogs

Nick Redfern weighs in on tales of mysterious black dogs in English lore.

NASA Garage Sale Includes Shuttles, Engines, Space Suits

Space agency selling soon-to-be-deactivated shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour.
— Wired

The lake that has no bottom ...

A look at the surprisingly prevalent 'bottomless lake' mythos.
— Charles Fort Institute

Historic Bentley snowflakes photos for sale in US

Pictures, believed to be the first ever taken of snowflakes, go up for auction.
— BBC News

The Scientific Study of UFOs: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

An in-depth examination of the infamous Condon Report.
— The Big Study

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