Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blog Surfing - Cool Site of the Month

Whenever we get the chance, we like surfing blogs. Sometimes blogs ask us for advice, other times they pay us a visit to say hello - and we also visit them in kind.

Recently, we've had a number of bloggers to visit us, and we're grateful. One blogger in particular paid us a visit and we noticed they had a rather different site - one that caters to the comfort and joys of large pets.

We thought that was pretty cool.

Now, if it's one thing we love is animals, especially dogs - big, small, medium size dogs. There is just something about a dog that is just absolutely unmatched, say aside from owning a horse. That's why when we go to the park, we will always see dogs and their owners congregating in a neighborly cluster.

And if you have a big dog, it can be a lot like owning a small horse. Which is where Large Pet comes in: Novel Ideas on Large Pet Accessories

The site reads in part -

"If you love your pets, then you need to give them utmost comfort. Here are some novel ideas on accessories for large sized pets that are sure to excite you as well as your pets....."

Happy Regards, Large Pet. We hope your site does really well.

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