Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Year That Was.......Strange.

How strange a year was it? Here's how strange:

  • O.J. actually got convicted of something.

  • Gasoline hit $4 a gallon - and those were the good times.

  • On several occasions, "Saturday Night Live" was actually funny.

  • There were a few days there in October when you could not completely rule out the possibility that the next Treasury secretary would be Joe the Plumber.

  • Finally, and most weirdly, for the first time in history, the voters elected a president who -- despite the skeptics who said such a thing would never happen in the United States-- was neither a Bush nor a Clinton.

    Of course, not all the events of 2008 were bizarre. Some were depressing. The only U.S. industries that had a good year were campaign consultants and foreclosure lawyers. Everybody else got financially whacked. So, we can be grateful that 2008 is almost over. But consider this....just because the year is ending doesn't mean our troubles won't continue.

  • Oh well...Happy New Year anyway!

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