Saturday, November 15, 2008

Will the World End on Saturday?

Richard Boylan Warns of Nov. 15 Asteroid Strike

Dr. Richard Boylan produced a report saying that a large asteroid will hit the North Atlantic between 2:30 and 3:00 PM on November 15. As is our practice, we will watch for this prediction, and, assuming we are still here on November 16, will report on the outcome. As 2012** nears, we can expect more of these apocalyptic predictions.

Dr. Boylan has stated in his report, "There is an asteroid headed on a collision course with earth. It is 8/10th of a mile long and 6/10th of a mile wide. On its current course, it is due to impact in the North Atlantic at about 2:30-3:00 PM EDT on November 15, 2008." That would be TODAY, folks. He cites as his source the remote viewing results of a Native American friend, based on information from "the Zeta and other Star Visitors." It has long been our practice to document such predictions as they are coming up in the calendar of course and report on their accuracy after the date of the prediction has passed - mindful, naturally, that we are still intact to carry that action out.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a former California psychologist who had his state psychology license revoked back in 1995 over allegations of improper sexual interaction with female patients in his hot tub (hydro 'therapy'?). He still uses the title doctor, even though he is not legally licensed for mental therapy anymore.

**According to the DVD Revelation 2012: The Eye of the Needle by William Henry, Jewish legend, and Essene texts, tells of the arrival of the Peacemaker, the herald or forerunner of the Christ or Messiah. In addition to opening the door for the Christ, this figure has a ‘to do’ list. This groundbreaking work is the first modern and complete introduction to this astonishing mission, which includes assembling the Ark of the Covenant, the Anointing oil of the Magdalene, the Flask of Manna and the Holy Rod of God into one remarkable super technology. This timely talk is a revelation, a detective story and a synthesis of ancient knowledge with modern science and spirituality that will help us change our future and created the greatest of all possible worlds.

SATURDAY PM UPDATE: Well, despite what was predicted, the world didn't end on Saturday (about the time many college football games were getting under way in the US). Obviously, it didn't happen because we're still here and I didn't hear anything about it. More crazy predictions on the horizon, I'm sure.


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