Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good News Sunday

With all the bad news in the world,
sometimes it's nice to read some
good news for a change.

A Continuing Series.....

Roadside Delivery

A policeman who planned to pull over a driver found himself helping to deliver his baby on the roadside. Police Constable Dan Wells was on his way back to Fulham Police station when he noticed a BMW driving erratically. Michael Nadel had actually overtaken the police car to ask for help as his wife Natalia was in labor, reports the Daily Telegraph.

PC Wells said: "I was about to have words with him about the way he was driving and then he said his wife was having a baby."

Mr Nadel, 39, returned to his wife Natalia, 31, but seconds later came back to the police to tell them the labor was moving faster than expected. The Russian couple from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, were on their way to the Portland Hospital in central London when Mrs Nadel started having contractions.

PC Wells opened the door and saw Mrs Nadel pushing the baby, when he noticed something was not right.

"The head was out and it was kind of blue. We could see the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby's neck," he said.

He quickly unwrapped the umbilical cord which was suffocating the baby's neck and restoring the oxygen supply to the infant. Baby Nikol, a girl, was born at 3am and weighed 6.4lbs.

Mr Nadel, a banker, said: "It was very dramatic. I'd like to say thanks to him. The policeman really helped us."

102 Year Old Granny On Facebook

A British great granny has become the oldest person on Facebook. 102-year-old Ivy Bean decided it was time to get herself some online action when she heard about the site through staff at the care home where she lives. Her carers helped Ivy set-up a profile and the former mill worker, from West Yorkshire, England, now uses it to keep in touch with friends and family.

Ivy told the Sun: "I heard about Facebook and wanted to know what it was about. I love being online and it beats writing with a pen."

"More and more people are on Facebook now. But at 102 I have a lot to put on about myself," she said.

"I've only got nine friends on the net at the moment but I'm hoping for lots more. I'm going to put some of my photos on my page."

Ivy lives at Hillside Manor in Bradford, England. Boss Pat Wright said: "Ivy loves going on Facebook. We're trying to keep all our residents independent by letting them use the computer."

The great grandmother also plans to try out a Nintendo Wii.

Couple To Marry After 40 Years Apart

A couple who were split up by their parents more than 40 years ago are to finally marry. Chester Locke was banned from seeing Christine Orchard, from Taunton when she became pregnant at 16. Her parents helped raise her daughter Tracy. But Tracy decided to track down her natural father recently and her parents romance started again, reports the BBC.

Tracy said: "My intention at first was to get him to meet his grandchildren and the great grandchild that was on the way.

"It was never to get them back together. When they did I was shocked but it was lovely. It's nice to see them happy where they should probably have been 40 years ago." Christine added: "Being an unmarried mother back in the 60s wasn't good.

"My parents decided they would bring the baby up and I had to sever all contact with Chester. That was part and parcel of them bringing up the baby."

The couple will marry before the end of this year.

Slow Burner

A 101-year-old Italian man is to marry his 98-year-old girlfriend after a courtship of more than half a century. Retired gynaecologist Giuseppe Rebaudi is to marry long time girlfriend Silvie Basain, who he started seeing in 1952, next month.

French-born Silvie said: "We just need to get a certificate from the French embassy that I have not been married before and am single."

She said her only worry was that they might be rushing things: "We have only been together for 50 years - that may be a bit quick but then again you are only young once."

The ceremony will take place at their home in Bordighera, in the north-west of Italy.

Dad's 71-day Trek To See Son In Prison

A 72-year-old Chinese man walked more than 600 miles to visit his son in prison. The man walked for 71 days from his hometown at Taihe town, Anhui province, to the prison at Lianping town, Guangdong province.

The father, whose name was not disclosed by the Southern Daily, had planned to take the train but had his savings stolen shortly after leaving home. He has to walk with the aid of a stick, and says he begged all the way, and sometimes ate rotten food from bins during his two month journey.

"I didn't see him for two years. I am here to visit him and tell him not to worry about me and transform himself for good, while in prison," he said.

Prison wardens were so touched by his story that they even bent the rules to allow him to see his son.

"We usually need the visitor to show us his ID card, but his was stolen along with the money," said warden Liu Guanghui.

The son, Xie Fei, revealed that his father is actually is his adoptive father, as his real parents died when he was ten.

"He adopted me and loves me very much, but I have nothing to repay all this," said Xie.

His father made the return journey home in much less time - after wardens pitched in to buy him a train ticket.


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