Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As I See It: Washington's Ditch Keeps Getting Bigger

Beggars, borrowers and lenders be... They all descended on Washington, D.C.

Here's the deal.

The big. The bad. The busted. They all had their crack at the congressional mike. Some, as if they were on crack. Demanding more "crack" from a government that seems more than happy to be the dealer....but as dumb a dealer as I've ever seen. Not that I would know, mind you...

Unless my deli guy counts as a dealer. Then, you got me. But would anyone mind explaining why Congress, digging a deeper ditch with these costly bailouts, just keeps digging? Even though the rules keep changing...And the ones who want 'em keep threatening...

It's gone from, please give us the money...To, there'll be hell to pay if you don't give us the money.

Never mind we don't demand banks lend the money we give them, or auto companies deal with the costly labor contracts that saddle all saddle us with huge costs on the huge fear that if we don't, we'll all pay. Trouble is, we're the only ones paying.

And this circus of losers on the Hill now seems over the hill... Something is very wrong with capitalism when we define its greatness by the size of the rescue for those who couldn't hack it.

No wonder so many have had their fill of it. Maybe because they see Washington as full of it.


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