Monday, October 13, 2008

Southern Ghost Stories & Legends: The Legend of Crybaby Bridge

A Continuing Series.....
This legend can be found in Franklin County and Columbus, Georgia, Salem, Ohio and Lottsford Vista Road - a country road between Bowie and Upper Marlboro, Maryland. This has become more urban legend than pure legend that has one original locale.

This haunted old bridge near Columbus, Georgia is well-known to the locals. The story is that some children were killed on the bridge, whether intentionally or accidentally, and that at night you can hear their cries and see a woman walking along the edge of the woods. Other reported phenomena include footsteps - sometimes fairly loud ones - coming towards you from the woods, and one website has published an EVP recording in which you can faintly hear a voice in the background. Many also report a distinct feeling of uneasiness in the area, along with mists and cold spots. The setting here is very spooky in and of itself - deep woods in the middle of the night - but the paranormal sights and sounds reported here appear to be quite real, so put this one on your to-do list if you are ever in the Columbus area.

To get to Crybaby Bridge, go north on Whitesville Road until it turns into a dirt road. Continue on to the 3rd bridge, and then stop on the bridge.


Sources: Weird USA, Weird GA

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Michelle said...

This is pretty scary, but I really like this series of Southern stories. Keep it up!