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The pride and joy and sometimes scourge of every blogger: Reader Mail. The mail box has been very active as of late since as visitor traffic increases, so do the comments. The remarks (emailed and posted) addressed everything from slight changes in the layout, to political articles; from praises to criticisms. All email is individually replied to - but here are the best that seem to run the consensus.

"Your article on Socialism in America (Final Analysis: We Are Socialist) (being the prevailing wave of thought) both really fascinated me and scared me. My family and I were ardent Obama supporters because we are so angry with the war, the economy and the general arrogance of the current administration. It seemed I was more hell-bent on blaming the Republican party and all conservatives rather than holding individuals responsible and just about anybody, I was convinced, would do better. I am willing to vote for McCain-Palin because at least I know that a vote for them is a strike against the growing tide of socialism that seems to have gripped this country. Thanks!" - Dr. R.G.A., Boston, MA (similar comments from A.W., T.F., P.D., K.C., MetsFan68, JohnDeere_21, CathyK., ADMAN2006, 0909Tom, Fireman_DC, EsquireInLA120955, Sara_A_Memphis, G.G.P. and Thinker07)

Why is it every time I have made my mind up, you seem to throw a wrench in my way of thinking. I must admit that I didn't buy your argument in your piece about Barack associating with terrorist. The alledged facts you laid out were pretty lame and convinced me you were being argumentative and just laying out anything to cause doubt. I was shocked at how your report was 100% on the nose when it came to taking a look at the socialist agenda of the Democratic party. SHOCKED! I was like you after I read your post, "Where did my country go?" I'm not so convinced that Palin is ready to handle being a VP, but I know McCain to be a guy who does believe in cooperation and he does have a wealth of experience. I guess it really is the lesser of too evils in this election. I appreciate you opening my eyes and have forwarded your article to many others. I think it has really made many people stop and think! - Rhonda J., Seattle, WA (similar comments from T.H., J.W., Golfer11, Romancingthestoned, SpinDoc1990, LakersLvr41, Chefboy_RD_34, Summerchic, SSChicagoPimper, Lisaglammodel_24, V.T., E.S., K.B., R.S.H.)

Walter - Welcome to the shining city on a hill!

On the reported accusation of ACORN attempting to stuff the ballot box with fake registrations using the names of 2nd graders and Disney characters and the FBI's current investigation of these charges, came these comments:

Your coverage of ACORN being the catalyst for phony voter registration is overblown. McCain is just ticked off that he hasn't cornered the black vote which makes up the majority of ACORN members because we are still fighting for the right to have homes of our own. These accusations are FALSE! - Faithetta D., East Point, GA

ACORN has done alot to insure that minorities have the ability to own their own businesses and homes. It has given them the empowerment to for fight this right and against the prejudices that still exist in the banking industry! - Gerald L., New Orleans, LA

Walter - I agree that there is much to be done to fight prejudice and racism in financing minorities, but it should not come at the exclusion of common sense legislation with ridiculous give-aways, or throwing away industry standards - like maybe checking credit or income. Democrats seem to think it is a right to own a home or a business (or to drive a car, have a licence or to be an illegal alien and have access to social programs) whether they can afford it or not. It is not a right and neither is health care! Don't confuse a basic necessity with Constitutional rights that you think everyone should pay for just because you are incapable to providing these for yourself. That's socialism. And thinking that corporations with all their faults should be forced by (municipal, state, federal) government to grant entitlements is fascism. Say hello to your friends Stalin and Mussolini for me.

On the article Wall Street and Big Banks Don't Deserve Your Money, IrishFan88 said: "I do agree 100% on your principles and theory but the issues facing working class people right now is their retirement plans which are mostly 401K, IRA's and similar plans. These plans are taking a beating right now and if no action was taken to somewhat stabilize the market it could have been far worse. I know because my own IRA's have decreased about 35% in the last month and I do not invest in any high risk stocks."

Walter - As far as retirement plans, I would never suggest pulling them - that's nuts - at least the loss is only on paper - if they are removed, you REALLY lose; instead relocate them to a local bank or credit union. I don't recommend commodities trading but gold does better that 400% as compared to the S&P 500. These plans are taking a beating (and they will for long term investors, but usually equal out over time). The trick is diversifying, but not at the expense of you keeping them at a brokerage firm that is rewarded for bad behavior with the bailout.

Avatar said: "Look at the annual reports from the companies that the government is forcing them to sell shares to the government and the Federal Reserve. They have either fudged their books or they really don't need the money. Seems like a nationalizing program or is it something different."

Walter - The books for the Federal Reserve (and the member banks of the NY Fed) have not been open to the public (for review) for over 25 years and there is a reason: they have many things to hide, such as where all this money missing money over the past 40 years has been going (incidentally, you do know we have no gold at Ft. Knox - no explanation has been offered as to where it went). By Congressional mandate, the books have to be reviewed, but they haven't even been cracked.

Also, the bailouts we're seeing in the U.S. and in the UK are the first steps toward nationalization (Britain has pretty much completed phase one of nationalization), followed by a one world economic government. Don't believe me? Then why are all the governments of any given continent forming 'unions'; without much fanfare, the president signed into law the forming of the AU - that's the American Union. It's usually under the guise of balance of trade and enables us (the U.S. and North America) to be more competitive in foreign markets. If that's the case, then why no border control under the new policy-to-be-implemented? And why the plans for the replacement of the dollar with the Amero?

What is up with the Abominable Snowman? Is is a social or political statement? - Cary F., Lakeland, FL (similar comments from about 150+ others)

The first picture on the left column of your blog is of the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. What does it mean? - John & Teresa H., Brewer, ME (similar comments from 100+ others)

Does the Abominable Snowman mean we'll have a early winter in Tennessee? Guzzlerofbud, Nashville, TN

I wanted to write and say hi to the Abominable Snowman.....he's so cuuuuute! Melissa M., Little Rock, AR (similar comments from 200+)

Walter - It's actually my private joke with a very close attorney friend of mine. At one time, she was afraid of Mister AB. I'm just doing my part to make sure she gets acclimated to the fact that not all furry creatures that roar with big white, shiny, sharp teeth and fat, red tongue showing aren't all bad. Snowman, good! Socialists, bad!

Many were surprised that I - a Christian - would post a series of ghost stories or anything related to that theme. It's just stories. I personally don't believe in ghosts lurking about causing havoc, but it is interesting to read the legends and stories that spring up if only from the perspective of offbeat literature. I do think the environment of a particular place is influenced by what has happened there. Take for example Nazi death camps or ancient battlefields.

That's it for now...more to come, I'm sure. Thanks for reading!


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