Saturday, October 25, 2008

Radical Obama Supporters: Like People On A Hot Date - You Just Can't Wait To Get Laid

I agree with such writers as Anne Coulter and Michael Savage who essentially say that Liberalism (I call it Socialism) is a mental disease. They are so blinded by the Democratic dry spell and hold Conservatives and Republicans with so much hatred and disdain they can't contain themselves: destroying opponent campaign signs, throwing urine on delegates, disrespecting not only the person holding office, but the office itself. Oh, and of course, plain stupidity and an unbridled lack of common sense.

But this election is no different. These kinds of things have happened before from these rabid left-wingers, whom I find distasteful, loathsome and offensive. And yes, not truly American in thoughts and acts.

In an effort to try to win the nomination and eventually the election - to beat Reagan, Carter and anybody else who was running, Ted Kennedy went to the Soviet Union in 1979 (figuratively, not literally), in an effort to devise a plan to embarrass Jimmy Carter. One Reagan term later, Carter himself contacted Andre Gromyko to develop a strategy to ruin Reagan so that Walter Mondale could slide into the presidency. Kennedy and Carter - Democrats - had to go to America's Cold War enemy in an effort to get a political edge. Politics and politicians are cut throats, but they are also treasonous.

Sure, Republicans have done their share to trash the office and made it more important to win office than serve the people. The vast amount of Republicans who side with Bush aren't real Republicans - at least not Reagan Republicans - they're Rockefeller Republicans, neo-conservatives who care more about you getting to your ball games and being sidetracked with all kinds of distractions while they take over the world, rather than preventing this nation from being split apart.

We have all been dummy-downed by both political parties.

However it has been such a terrible dryspell for Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Left-Wing nut jobs, that Obama is their hot date, their savior, the reincarnation of Malcolm X - they all can't wait to spread themselves wide and get laid.

And on a side note, these Obama-whackjobs really need knock off the thought that descriptions such as Socialist, Left-wing and Liberal are racist 'code words' - to continue to think such things is a cop-out. These people always pull the race card to get some kind of advantage. In the meantime, they keep making themselves sick; I am (and millions of others are) unaffected by their sheer sense of wimpy stupidity and fuzzy logic.

No Time For On-The-Job Training

The media’s almost universal opinion that Sen. Joe Biden simply made just another one of his gaffes -- when he warned that the election of the untested Barack Obama would inevitably result in a global crisis where our enemies take measure of the man by confronting him and America with a challenge -- was dead wrong.

It was no gaffe; it was a clear warning that Obama will not only be tested, but also that he will not be up to the challenge and will need help in dealing with something he cannot deal with on his own.

I cannot remember a more frightening scenario, especially since it came from Obama’s own running mate and not John McCain or the Republican Party. I have no doubt Biden was sincere in alerting the nation to a very real threat to our national security -- the prospect of a totally inexperienced and naive Barack Obama being confronted by an enemy he would rather talk with.

That the nation isn’t alarmed by this prospect, which Biden guaranteed would surely come about, is simply bizarre. Here in a post-9/11 world, when America’s foes have proven they’ll stop at nothing to bring America down to our knees, if the polls are correct voters are on the verge of electing a man to the presidency whose very election will light the spark of an international crisis in a nuclear age.

This is an unprecedented situation, but it’s not the first time the voters have chosen a president who lacked the bona fides required in a leader facing an international threat and a determined enemy. Unlike Barack Obama, however, John Kennedy had been tested when in harm’s way during WW II, and had shown himself capable of acting with both courage and initiative.

Moreover he had been a first-hand witness at momentous events during his father’s ambassadorship to war-torn Britain and had even written a book, “Why England Slept,” about the crisis England faced because they failed to recognize the threat Hitler posed to their very existence.

Yet even with his experience evident when he won election in 1960, the Soviet Union thought he not only should be tested but was convinced he would fail the test. As a result America found itself facing a nuclear war with the Soviets after Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev met with JFK, saw what he judged to be his weakness, and confronted America with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

It was only after JFK promised to remove U.S. missiles from Turkey and pledged to halt all efforts to remove Fidel Castro from power that Khrushchev agreed to take his missiles out of Cuba.

We cannot afford another such crisis, yet if Joe Biden is correct that’s exactly what will happen if Barack Obama wins the presidency on November 4. He’s guaranteed it. We can expect that the challenge to Obama to come from Iran which has already observed him promising to sit down with their leaders without preconditions, thus to meet with them as equals.

Iran has already shown how they react to U.S. presidents who show signs of weakness. They saw weakness in Jimmy Carter, and they seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held 52 U.S. diplomats hostage for 444 days.

When Reagan won election in 1980 Iran had no need to test him; they had already taken his measure and he scared the daylights out of them. As a result, minutes after he took the oath of office the Iranians released the hostages.

A soon-to-be nuclear power, Iran is certain to test what they see as a politician with absolutely no experience. And given his demonstrated willingness to greet hostility with mere words eloquently spoken, we an expect Iran to risk a global crisis by facing him with a direct challenge to his leadership, probably by rattling their nuclear sword.

We had better heed Joe Biden’s warning and vote against an untested politician from Chicago’s rowdy and corrupt political machine. I suggest that Liberals stop trying to turn a Republic into a Socialist state. Stop behaving like you care about this country. You don't, obviously.

Meanwhile, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann is being raked over the coals and skewered by Democrats and their willing media accomplices. For what? I AGREE with her. Like the Democrat's behavior and Obama's beliefs - they all ARE Un-American and have anti-American views of this country. You may be chomping at the bit to finally get lucky this November, but we all may get screwed. You have no clue what you're doing. Whether it's getting laid or getting elected, you'll stop at nothing.


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