Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Accused of Lying About ACORN Ties

A former employee of an ACORN affiliate testifies in Pennsylvania that her group used Barack Obama's donor list to solicit contributions.

An accusation has surfaced against Barack Obama of lying to voters about the extent of his ties to the low-income advocacy group ACORN, after a former employee of an ACORN affiliate testified that her group used Obama's campaign donor list to solicit contributions.

Anita Moncrief, formerly of Project Vote in Washington, testified at a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court hearing Wednesday on a state Republican Party lawsuit against ACORN. She said her group used the Obama list to target donors who had given the campaign the maximum allowed by law and wanted to contribute more.

".....testimony by a former employee of an ACORN affiliate proves Barack Obama is guilty of lying to the American people about his relationship with ACORN," McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said in a written statement, accusing Obama of working "hand-in-glove" with the group, which is under investigation for voter registration fraud in several states.

Obama has repeatedly said that his relationship with ACORN began and ended with legal work he did with the group in 1995. Republicans charge he's ignoring training sessions he did for the group years ago, money his campaign has paid an ACORN subsidiary for canvassing efforts and now the alleged connected mentioned in the Pennsylvania courtroom.

Project Vote national spokesman Michael McDunnah, however, denied Moncrief's suggestion that the list came from the Democratic presidential nominee's campaign. Moncrief acknowledged Project Vote fired her in January for using its credit card for personal living expenses and has agreed to pay back the amount she used in addition to providing names of those who have also committed the same violations.


AP, Reuters

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