Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Vent

I sure have seen a lot of mutilated McCain Palin signs. The Obama backers are a real class group!

John Lewis and a windbag...separated at birth - his indefensible statements makes him an unrepentant racist.

A sure sign that we've been brainwashed...I filled my tank at $3.09 a gallon, boy was I happy until I saw it at $2.99. I almost drove around for an hour...just so I could buy some at that price!

'Real Housewives' does for Atlanta's image what Fannie Mae did for the stock market - besides, there's not a single peach in the bushel!

AFTERTHOUGHT: 'The Real Housewifes' should be women who were born and raised in Atlanta. 12 years living in Atlanta does not make you a Georgia Peach. And your attitude certainly is not one of a Georgia Peach. Southern you are not!

If we're in such bad economic times, why can't I find a parking space at the mall?

I'm frightened by the fact that tomorrow's leaders are being raised by today's parents.

With such a high percentage of Atlanta's police Dept having criminal records, they are sure to recognize a crime when they see one.

If the illegals do leave, will our government will have more money?

A killing campaign in Iraq has 3,000 Christians running for their lives and this is what we spent the past seven years fighting for?

How many fat-cat executives are going to walk away with their golden parachutes totally intact after running not only their companies, but the economy into failure?

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

Let me get this straight. $700 billion (that's with a B) is too much but $850 billion is Okay?

Is it REALLY news that Clay Aiken is gay? I mean seriously.

Thank goodness the people who are defined as God-less, socialist, fascist, who endorse lack of values and will be voting for Obama are the loud-mouthed minority.

Has anyone else noticed that we are reliving the same world economic and political events that led up to the last two world wars? History does indeed repeat itself!


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