Wednesday, October 1, 2008

360 October Vent

This is my three-hundred and sixtieth blog topic (344 here, plus 16 from the old 360 site). What more appropriate way to observe this than to vent? It doesn't help to complain except to make you feel better....

I get it now. Let’s drill in the Gulf of Mexico, and off the Florida and Georgia coasts. Thus, we can increase greatly the odds of future fuel shortages. Hurricanes can then shut down the rigs off any one of five states rather than just Texas.

This mess is happening because home ownership went from being the American dream we work for, to the right of every American no matter what their credit score.

If we had started drilling and building refineries off the East Coast 10 years ago, there would be no gas shortage now. Thank the environmentalists for long gas lines.

When the next typhoon is predicted for Guam, I will run right out and fill my gas tank.

I look forward to the Good Old Days when we can once again moan and groan over $4 per gallon gas instead of worrying about finding gas.

Hurray for the Florida University System for not disqualifying Clayton County, GA students because of the misdeeds of the school board. All universities should follow suit.

It’s not the licensed gun owners that you need to worry about. They are the ones that follow the rules.

The ship the USS Economy is sinking, and Congress is rearranging the deck chairs.

Most of the roads we drive on today are paid for by taxes, naturally. In the near future, we will still pay those taxes, but the roads will all be toll roads. We will then be allowed to pay for the roads twice.

The good news about the Dawgs on Saturday night is they have already taken their annual drubbing by a SEC team before Tennessee comes to town this year!

All things considered, maybe the governor should have canceled the UGA vs. Alabama game.

Sonny, please bring me some gas back from Europe. I am willing to pay their prices rather than drive around looking for gas.

Anyone who believes that deregulation is always a good thing only has to look at what’s happened with greedy corporations and irresponsible financial institutions to realize the error of that belief!

Let’s stop waiting for ideal circumstances before we do anything. They never come.

I have a 'married couple-friend' who spents $1,000 per year to home school their children, and $6,000 per year to send them to private school. The state spends nearly $10,000 per year to educate each child. And the government wonders why they support vouchers?

According to Joe Biden, we should denounce the participants in the Boston Tea Party. Hmmm!

Much is made of McCain’s age. Obama smokes and both of his parents died at an early age. Biden has had two brain aneurysms that could have killed him. If they both died while in office, that would leave Nancy Pelosi as president!

Has anyone warned Sarah Palin not to go hunting with VP Dick Cheney?

Politics aside, we need to all pray for our country right now harder than we’ve ever prayed before.


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