Sunday, September 14, 2008

World's Largest Cheese Wheel

As somewhat of a self-appointed wine and cheese connoisseur - a love that I share with a certain Flower in Atlanta - I think it is my duty to point out certain aspects of wine and cheese life that many would have missed, even would have overlooked. Hence, the worlds largest cheese wheel that was put up in New York's Grand Central Station (well of course - where else - the Parthenon, perhaps?). The fromage is six feet wide, and weighs 1,323 pounds. That's about 13 times heavier than you, unless you ate it. Funny thing is someone actually tried to; however, that person didn't get lucky, due in part because the wheel was being babied by ten guards (armed with cans of, well Cheese Whiz, I guess). It was the cheeses' final debut in New York, until it goes to France where some guy will try to sculpt it - slow art week in France perhaps. The Gouda-style cheese wheel was produced by the Beemster company of Holland and is said to be the largest in the world. Ah the cheese wheel; Life is Good!


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leener said...

Walter, where do you find this stuff? This one is laugh-out-loud funny, at least to my wacky sense of humor. Thanks for the lift!