Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Vent

You know you have too much stuff when you clean out your closet and find a new pair of shoes you’ve never even worn!

OK, all you self-designated geniuses leading banks and stock markets into the cellar, take a deep breath and repeat this mantra: I am not a genius.

I would be more impressed if instead of a candidate saying, “I am so-and-so and I approved this message,” they said, “I am so-and-so and I WROTE this message.”

Sarah Palin must really be scaring you liberals! Joe Biden is hiding from her.

What I need to hear from Wall Street is more clickety-click of handcuffs.

Where did you find cartoons ridiculing Obama? The cartoonists seem to have declared him off-limits.

How bad does the energy crisis have to get before all motorized “sport” is banned and the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels are grounded?

I’m glad those Russian soldiers finally pulled out of most of Georgia. But to tell the truth, I never did see any of them in Bibb County.

It takes brains to earn that money to buy those luxury cars with Obama bumper stickers. Incidentally, my Mitshubishi gets 40 mpg on the highway. How does your suv/truck do?

Barack Obama would have about as much success talking peace with al-Qaida, Hezbollah and Hamas as Jimmy Carter would have converting them to be Southern Baptists.

Regarding the financial crisis: Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

So Matt Damon went to Haiti to help victims of Hurricane Ike. What, he couldn’t find any here?

John McCain said the fundamentals of the American economy are strong. Previously he said he really didn’t understand the economy. One of those statements is true.

Has anyone else noticed lately that the most inconsiderate and dangerous drivers around Atlanta have Obama bumper stickers?


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