Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin

I've liked this governor for a while now and have been watching her closely since December: She's experienced, ethical, smart, gutsy, common-sense oriented and gorgeous. Is she enough to make a difference in a political process that is badly in need of a revolution? Is she enough to draw the attention from the liberal media-created candidate Obama? To heck with change Barack Hussein Obama, we need real reform.
The Dems may be trying to tag John McCain as George W. Bush Jr., but McCain, with his pick of Sarah Palin for VP, is clearly trying to shore up his own image as a maverick who fights for reform. Palin, the governor of Alaska, has earned a reputation as a government reformer, having run for the Statehouse on a platform of cleaning up Anchorage. One of her first acts was pushing ethics bills that advocated greater access to politicians’ financial disclosure reports and restricted gifts from lobbyists to public officials.

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