Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reader Mail.....

You write it, I post it....It's reader mail straight from the e-mailbag.

There were many comments regarding my post(s) "attacking" Oprah or Obama and other matters of politics. Here are a few:

".....What gives you the right to attack a great woman like Oprah Winfrey and a savior of America like Barack Obama.....?"
Rachel D., Hartford, CT (similar comments from Sandra O., Boston, MA; T.K., Durham, NC; R.F., Los Angeles, CA; A.N., Grand Rapids, MI; Dennis P., Albany, NY; Q.S., Philadelphia, PA; C.J, Denver, CO)

The First Amendment gives me the right, my brain gives me the reason. Please learn to use both responsibly. And besides, since when is presenting the truth you don't like hearing considered an attack?

".....I don't know why you insult the Democratic candidate for President by calling him Barack Hussein Obama. It's completely disrespectful of you. You should be ashamed for linking him to Saddam Hussein.....!"
Patricia and Sally J., Chicago, IL (similar comments from R.R., Des Moines, IA; Catherine A., Tulsa, OK; B.W., Franklin, OR; P.N., St. Louis, MO)

Well if you knew ANYTHING about your precious candidate, you would have known that IS his name. I wonder what else you fail to know about him?

"....I can't believe your judgment is so clouded that you like Sarah Palin. She's a pig in lipstick and has no experience in government let alone foreign policy....."
Gerald E., Bangor, ME

Gov. Palin has more experience that Obama, hands down. She has done more as governor of Alaska than Obama ever has in the Senate. Name ONE thing Obama has actually DONE aside from posturing and running his mouth? And if you choose to insult Palin, at least have the authenticity to come up with something a little more original.

There were a number of hits and comments (posted and emailed) regarding the World's Largest Cheesewheel:

"....Walter, where do you find this stuff? This one is laugh-out-loud funny, at least to my wacky sense of humor. Thanks for the lift!"
Eileen L., PA

"....What would someone do with a cheese wheel this size...?"
Paul D, Rockville, MD

"....Cheese backs me up like there's no tomorrow...."
Frederick S., Seattle, WA

"....How many cows did it take to make this....?"
Brent O., Kenosha, WI

"....My God, what will they think of next....?"
Cindy M., Jonesboro, AR

"....I can only imagine the size of the contraption used to unplug you after you ate it....!"

Tony E., Queens, NY

Other comments were more complimentary or run the gambit of sounding off on different issues or asking a variety of questions:

".....My husband and I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a knack for breaking down complex issues into simple terms. I'm sure you're a joy to be around in person....."
Jerry & Deann K., Austin, TX

Thanks! And I think I clean up pretty well, too.

".....In the past, I've really found your offbeat articles absolutely fascinating. But, I've noticed that since coming back from your short break (the monastery, etc), you have done less and less articles on conspiracies and the New World Order. Is this accidental or on purpose.....?"
Willie N., Kansas City, MO

I try to touch on the ones that I know can be well-founded: FEMA camps, attempts to collapse the U.S. financially and economically, etc. I'm not one to harp on them over and over again unless there is new information or events possibly leading up to all of this. I just write about what I know through reliable sources and post them and let the reader decide based on the material presented. Incidentally, I'm still working on what the average everyday Joe and Jane can do to protect themselves IF there is every a total and complete breakdown of our society as we know it.

".....With all the conspiracy theories out there, how did I know which is more than a theory.....?"

Sandy M., Tempe, AZ

A good authority to go by (aside from 360) is

"Georgia is a good football team, but I don't buy into the whole idea that Coach Mark Richt is all that genuine or humble - all that golly gee gosh stuff....."
Thomas V., Columbus, OH

Coach Richt is about as down-to-earth a guy as your best next door neighbor, so believe it. He's the real deal!

"How many miles per day do you cycle and what's the most you've cycled in a day (event or non-event).....?"

Michelle D., Miami, FL

It varies according to what I'm in training for but on average 30 to 60 miles a day, but I've done as much as 100-150 in training and in events.

"Is the military modifying the weather.....?

Joey B., Oakland, NJ

The military does a lot of experimenting that we the taxpayer foot the bill for, but don't know about. While weather modification is against international treaty, the military still carries it out covertly.

"Why do you believe that the JFK assassination was an inside job, but not 9/11.....?

Troy J.; Jacksonville, FL (similar questions from K.L., G.S., W.D., P.J., C.D., C.C.)

I just don't see any 'presented' evidence to substantiate an inside job and refuse to believe the hype from the conspiracy-mind radical/militant left. I think it would be a horrible thing to know that entities within our government would do such a thing on such a massive scale. The JFK assassination, on the other hand, was an inside job and was a matter of self-preservation by those inside the government - and the documents relating to the Warren Commission have been sealed until (conveniently) right about the time everyone involved is dead and gone. JFK, while a democrat, was also a mover and shaker and the government needed to be shaken up a bit - that didn't sit well. Kennedy was a threat to maintaining the status quo. There are more questions surrounding Kennedy than there ever will be for 9/11.

...more mail bag soon....thanks for writing!


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