Friday, August 22, 2008

Time To Wake Up.....

I've had a few days away to concentrate on many things on my plate this month and I have appreciated the many emails regarding this blog. Thanks to Tony and Melissa for keeping the blog up for me. I think this blog has a message (don't they all?), however, I must qualify this particular post that contains an important video so that certain agendas (or non-agendas) are clear.

1) I am neither a conspiracy theorist, anti-government nor anti-authority activist. The hippie movement of the 60s & 70s is dead and was a total joke. While everyone was on pot, I was in school. I'm a solid, educated. taxpaying citizen.

2) I am not a Bush hater - although he's not a Conservative. Like a his dad and grandfathers, he is involved in many things as an instrument for the times to come. He is only playing a role he and the others in 'power' (including the 'candidates' for president) are stringed-up to play. It is important to note that many in power in the U.S. and in the world will never show their faces or reveal their names unless uncovered by the bloggers.

3) Having worked in mainstream news media as a news director for major market radio, I am aware of the lack of integrity that goes into each story when it comes to reporting news of governmental affairs. This is why I left it and more actively pursued science, art and cyberjournalism as professions. This isn't some wink during a county commission meeting (although there are numerous instances of intense corruption and deception on the local level), this is a nod and turning of the head while stories get buried, sources disappear, and well meaning reporters get reassigned.

4) I am a Christian and believe the times we are seeing and will continue to see are predicted - so there is no fear mongering on my part. I think it is important to be prepared and stay informed (an upcoming post will show you how to prepare for the storm ahead).

Any questions:

Now the video that will hopefully wake you up out of your slumber....

Thanks to INDI for the use of this video.


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